Make the Maximum with These 7 Blackjack Strategies

Make the Maximum with These 7 Blackjack Strategies
Blackjack is one of the most loved games of all times. Gamblers from all over the world love playing Blackjack and want to make the most out of it. But for that, you need to know the right strategies for maximising your profits and make sure that the time and money you invest in the beautiful game pays you back all the right amount of money. 

We have summarised the best of all the Blackjack strategies which you have to use for earning loads of money. Remember the more you learn about the various Blackjack strategies, better will be the game for you. 

So let’s cut to the chase and check out all the strategies in detail. 

1. Use the Strategy Card

Use the strategy card for improving your chances of winning at the game. The strategy card comprises all the tables and the required charts, necessary for portraying the different ways of playing the game. Get to know the minute details of each of the Blackjack hands and learn the one to use. 

While a few situations can be straightforward and favour the player, there can be some other hands which may not be that favourable. The best thing to do is to just stand in the game. For an instance, if you get a face card and nine with the dealer getting a six, you will be in a much better situation. 

A Blackjack strategy card tells you all about the best hands and thus shows a path to the players. Learn about the hands and the different ways of making your way through the game. So use the strategy card for a better understanding of the strategies and get to know more about the game.

2. Don’t Ever Take Insurance

Promise yourself that you will never take insurance in Blackjack. An insurance bet is one of the worst by all possible means. Insurance arises when the dealer has an ace to his name. Insurance bets have a 2:1 payout with a wager that equals to half of the bet.

Therefore, there can be two different conditions when the dealer has a natural Blackjack and when he hasn’t got it. If the dealer has the Blackjack, you lose the original wager and the insurance bet doubles resulting in a break-even. On the other hand, if the dealer hasn’t yet got the natural Blackjack, you play the game with your initial wager, but you lose the insurance.

Treat the insurance bet as a side bet that hasn’t got anything to do with the regular hand. 

3. Play with the Good Rules at the Blackjack Table

Some rules are beneficial for the casino, while the other rules help the players in their games. Go with the good rules that help the player in making the most from the game they love. 

Some of the Blackjack tables have a payout ratio of 3:2, while the others offer a payout around 6:5. Always go for the former ones and never look at the latter option unless you have no choice. 

Besides the payout ratio, look for the following points at the Blackjack table. 

  1. The table allows you to double down after a split.
  2. The table gives you the provision to have multiple splits.
  3. The house dealer is at a soft 17
  4. You can double down on any of the two game cards. 

There are good rules for the players but these fall in the main category. Keep your eyes open for the games’ rules and select the best table for yourself. 

4. Start the Habit of Counting Cards 

Develop a habit of counting cards in the casino game for having an edge over the other players in the house. The rumour about the counting cards isn’t true at all, as this isn’t that difficult as a lot of players think it to be in the game.

Look for all the online platforms for learning counting cards. There are scores of such pages and videos regarding the same. So all you need is a little patience and practice. In fact, like the card games in general, you can master the art of counting cards with practice. So devote time for learning the trick and practice the same if you want to become a pro player and earn tons of money. 

5. Play for the Casino Comps Always 

Casino comps are common for all the casino games, thus including Blackjack. You will get comps for all your bets in the game. As it doesn’t cost a single penny to participate in the player’s club, you have no excuse for not getting the comps.

Make sure that the casino is doing their job of counting all the comp points, doesn’t matter whether you play for a higher or a lower stake.

Sign up for the comps program and ensure that you use your casino card every time you sit to gamble. 

Comps help the players and you must use them. All the big casino players get much better comp points. So irrespective of whether you play occasionally or regularly, always go for the casino comps. 

6. Learn about Ace Sequencing and Shuffle Tracking Right Now 

A few players may classify these tricks as some advanced techniques, but if you are thinking of making good money and learn more about the game, you need to learn these two. 

You can learn Shuffle Tracing by observing the value of the cards in the discard tray. If there are several aces and other different high cards in the tray, then take a close notice at the group of the cards on shuffling.

Ace sequencing is where you can trace and predict about the aces that are close to each other in the shuffling group. 

7. Learn and Understand Hole Carding 

Hole carding is another technique which can set you apart from the rest of the punters. At some positions, especially if you are sitting in front of the Blackjack dealer, you can visualise the dealer’s hole card. This will certainly improve your game.

These were the 7 best Blackjack strategies that a punter should know for reaching the ultimate mark. Try to implement these strategies in the game at the right moment and be patient.

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Name: Make the Maximum with These 7 Blackjack Strategies

Posted On: 31/12/2020

Author: Cameron Riddell

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