7 Important Rules of Etiquette for the Craps Table

7 Important Rules of Etiquette for the Craps Table

Craps is similar to any other endeavour. However, there are unwritten rules that beginners might not know. For example, when you play your first round of golf, you might not be aware that you must remain silent during a player’s backswing or that it is not polite for you to walk over his putting line.

Craps are the same. You can follow some rules to make it more enjoyable and avoid getting dirty looks from dealers or players. These are the basics of good etiquette for playing craps at a casino, regardless of whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player.

1. Do not buy-in in the middle of a roll.

Cash in your hand when you first approach the table. Don’t buy in during a roll. We don’t mean “middle” when the dice are still in the air. That’s a clear no-no. It’s rude to interrupt the action at a table to join in if the dealer is still making his point.

2. Wait until there’s a new point or a new dealer.

Veteran craps players think you should only buy in when there’s a new dealer. However, buying in during the same dealer’s roll is usually okay, as long as it is done after a point has been made.

3. Never Mention Seven at a Table

The rule that you don’t say “seven” at a craps table is right up there with never wishing an actor “good fortune” or shouting “fire!” in a packed theatre. If you don’t know the rules, here are some examples. Playing a game of craps, once the point has been set, a seven-point roll is an automatic loss for the dealer. This can lead to the house making a lot of money.

Gamblers are superstitious because they believe that seven is the number of the next roll.

Also, it would help if you didn’t give the dice to someone with a seven.

This rule of craps etiquette can be quite simple. You will be accepted at any craps table if you don’t say one word. You can break the rule and find out how many people want to keep you around.

4. If the player has dice, don’t put money down.

This rule is more about politeness than interfering with the dice. It is important to follow this rule. It’s that easy. You risk interference if you do not follow the rules. Imagine the embarrassment and irritation caused by the dealer not knowing about your bet.

These actions can cause the tossing of the dice to be cancelled. People could also lose their money, and the dealer may not honour your wager until the next toss. This can lead to anger and loss for gamblers.

To follow the rule, you should listen to the dealer. The dealer will tell you when it is okay to place wagers and when it is not. If you aren’t sure whether it’s OK to place a bet, wait until the dealer confirms. This will ensure that you are fine.

5. Do not feign disinterest when shooting the dice.

This is an important piece of craps etiquette that you should follow. It will help your fellow gamblers as well as the house. It’s also easy to follow.

Once the dice have been passed, and the dealer has signalled it’s time for you to throw the dice, shoot them. You can quickly go through a lucky routine if you have one. If you have to imitate the scenes in the movies, ask only one person to throw your dice.

Gamblers enjoy the thrill of craps table, seeing how the dice land and whether they make money. It’s much more enjoyable to make money than to watch someone else go through a 21 point routine before every roll of the dice.¬†

This may seem strange to you. Perhaps baseball betting is for you. The house may also want you to toss the dice. 

Be a gambler when it comes to shooting. Grab your dice. Give the dice a quick shake, and then roll. That way, everyone will be happy… except if you roll seven. You will be the only one who is happy!

6. Avoid stacks when a chip will do

This is one rule that you may not consider when you first begin playing craps. However, it becomes more obvious the more you play. Although individual chips aren’t very thick, they can stack well and make tall towers.

High towers can be a problem, and the dealer may have to roll over to make legal rolls. The dealer may feel out of control and cheated if the stacks get too high.

Gamblers are also superstitious, and even a minor change in how they roll the dice could impact the outcome. Although it’s impossible to know if the change in motion was better or worse for the dealer’s health, the mere appearance of something amiss can be enough to make many gamblers nervous.

Avoid stacking chips. You should use as few chips as you can, and if you do have large chips to place a bet, keep them away from the dealer’s line of sight. This will keep the dealer at ease and the craps table happy.

7. Do not give cash to the dealer.

You should place your money on the felt before buying into the game (hopefully not in the middle of a roll). Craps dealers cannot accept cash from the hand. All transactions must be made on the felt with all visible surveillance cameras.


These rules of craps etiquette may seem overwhelming. There are many other things that you shouldn’t do at a craps table. But, the most important thing is not to be a jerk. Don’t yell. You will be fine if you don’t swing your arms wildly.

Keep these rules in mind when you’re next at the craps table. To avoid making the dealer think you are cursed, don’t say the word seven. To avoid distracting the dealer, or interfering in their role, don’t place a wager at the craps table while the dealer is rolling the dice.

It’s fine to have a ritual when it’s your turn, but it shouldn’t be too long. To make it easier for the dealer, avoid big stacks of chips. Tip your waitress or dealer for a great job. Don’t be anxious. You won’t get kicked out of the casino if you forget these rules and make it to the craps table.

Others will reaffirm these rules around you, and you won’t likely break them more than once. You can then relax, do your dice toss ritual, and worry less about whether that seven will show up.

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Name: 7 Important Rules of Etiquette for the Craps Table

Posted On: 09/09/2021

Author: Cameron Riddell

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