A Beginner’s Guide to Playing Video Poker

A Beginner’s Guide to Playing Video Poker

The term “video poker” is the most common term used to describe a fixed-odds game based on a five-card draw and played either in casinos online or on terminals similar to slot machines found in casinos.

In this way, video poker is sometimes called poker slots. It differs from slots in a keyway. In contrast to slots, there’s an element of skill in video poker. It involves playing the hands that you’re dealt optimally according to poker hand ranking. Here are the steps you need to follow to become a pro in the game.

Beat the House Edge Introducing Pay Tables

Pay tables offer the player something unique in casino games as a method to play a game with a different strategy to beat odds against the house. This is why the video game has earned the reputation of being a “beatable” game.

Pay tables list the payout amounts for specific hands. The paytable is displayed clearly on the machine, providing players with fast and easy access to make decisions during the game. The table has around six columns. 

The column to the left contains an index of hands. For instance, in Jacks or Better, the paytable consists of rows of hands, ranging starting from Royal Flush on top and down to the Pair of Jacks at the bottom. 

The remaining columns are usually assigned to the amount of bet, that is, the number of coins put in by the player to begin the game. In this way, the participant can glance at the hands and read on the appropriate row the payout amount associated with the hand and the amount of money wagered.

By using this data, you will be able to quickly see what the worth of an item rises or decreases based on the amount bet. For instance, based on what game you play, a 3 of a Kind with a five coin bet could be worth more than four of a Kind with a single coin bet.

If you conduct your investigation into pay tables, you’ll find websites that provide additional information such as payout percentages and probabilities. Be aware that casinos usually don’t provide the information on their pay tables.

Pay tables are beneficial as they let you look up, before placing bets, the amount the game will payout. This lets you evaluate which strategy or game you think could be more rewarding to play.

A major benefit of preparing your strategy following the paytable increases your odds of getting prizes, bonus points, and free plays.

As these features begin growing, they will generate more time to play, which increases your odds of securing some substantial payouts. This is among other reasons. An advanced strategy is to study and analyze pay tables.

Learn the Rules

Before diving into playing video poker, the first step you should haven’t done yet is to familiarize yourself with the poker hand and its significance. Since video-poker derives from five-card draw hands, the five-card poker values apply to most video-poker games.

There are, however, exceptions. For instance, online poker games which use wildcards permit five of a Kind. 

Then, if you’ve not been close to an online video-poker machine or a slot machine before now, It might make you aware of what you can expect by searching for some YouTube videos showing how a video poker machine works in action.

If you love bright lights and loud bells, you’ll discover the experience is thrilling and enjoyable. Otherwise. The rules for video poker are very simple. The game begins by placing a bet. It is which is represented in the coin(s) you place inside the device.

If you choose to deal randomly using a deck of 52 cards, the machine will hand the player five cards. It is important to note that a 52-card deck means that there are no jokers. If jokers are utilized, the deck’s size increases accordingly.

Then, you can choose which cards you want to keep and which ones you want to discard. Remember that resumption of play does not mean you have to throw away. You can keep all original cards dealt if you decide to do so.

There aren’t any restrictions on the game’s play, like time limitations. The main attraction of video-poker to many players is the full control over gameplay and flow.

If you choose to dispose of your cards, continue playing by replacing your lost cards with ones drawn randomly from your deck. The game can then evaluate the hand that is resulting and then pays you following the total amount of your hands and the amount wagered on the paytable.

How do you play?

There are many variations of video-poker. However, all of them are inspired by one of poker’s most basic varieties, the draw of five cards. The player is presented with a five-card poker deck. 

The player is then offered the chance to hold the ones they want to keep and discard ones they do not want to keep and receive new cards in exchange. Then, they’ll have the final hand. Here is a straightforward step-by-step guide to playing a game in video -poker.

  1. Credit can be deposited into the machine that plays video poker
  2. Place your bet
  3. You can sign up for a deal to get your first five-card poker hand
  4. Don’t throw away cards you don’t consider valuable (up to five cards can be thrown away)
  5. Get replacement cards using the same virtual deck.
  6. Any earnings are paid following the paytable.


As with all games, enjoyment at casinos (including online casinos) starts with a successful strategy to manage time and cash. Video poker online is gradually gaining popularity across the United States

Video poker provides the novice player with a simple low learning curve starting. If you enjoy the game, then video poker strategies are practically endless and offer sophisticated gambling with a high potential for reward.

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Name: A Beginner’s Guide to Playing Video Poker

Posted On: 16/09/2021

Author: Cameron Riddell

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