American Blackjack Vs European Blackjack


If you’re a global traveler and you’re interested in the world of travel, then give this post on the distinctions between American blackjack and European blackjack a glance, especially if you’re on a Euro-trip and have several casinos on your list.

Many of us believe there aren’t many cultural distinctions in America and Europe. The US, as well as its European counterparts, could not be further from reality. The reality is there exist cultural differences between Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to Phoenix, Arizona.

It’s possible to observe a distinct cultural difference while traveling over the Atlantic. The casino scene is the same. Today, we will concentrate on the rules for American blackjack and European blackjack and talk about the differences between them.

The Rules for American Blackjack

If you’re a regular blackjack player, you are at ease for this portion to leave out. But, we’re going to assume that you’re new to the game, and therefore we’ll explain the rules of American blackjack in this section.

The majority of us are familiar with American blackjack, also known as Blackjack. Therefore we’ll refer to it in this post as blackjack in the article today.

It is possible to play by using just a 52-card deck or multiple decks at casinos. Although there aren’t any set numeral decks available, the standard number ranges from 2 to 8. But, many sources say that the number tends to be closer to 6 and 8.

There is also a minimal amount of bet for every blackjack table. These tables usually differ in stakes making it possible to find an appropriate game. Bets could be as low as $2 at certain gambling establishments, making it ideal for those just beginning their journey.

Each card has a different value between 2 and 10, with 2 to 10 working at face value. Jacks queens, kings, and jacks have a value of 10, while aces count are either 11 or 1 depending upon whether or not they are required to be low or high.

There are two cards dealt, and both are face-up, and the dealer is dealt one face-up, and the other one is face down. The round begins in clockwise order and begins from the dealer’s left.

The first step is to decide if they wish to follow these rules (you must only make this decision only once) or remain with their hand or draw a number from the deck, referred to as a hit.

In most in-person and online casinos offering blackjack, it is possible to take as many blackjack cards as you require, provided you don’t break. Some rules prohibit this and are aware of it, so keep this in your mind.

The dealer will take their turn following the players’ decision to bust or stand the table, then they flip their card hole.

The card could represent a blackjack worth 21 points, for instance, an ace and a jack, or, if their hand is lower than 17, they must be hit regardless. The hand must be over 17.

The Rules of European Blackjack

After you have mastered blackjack fundamentals, let’s examine how it is different from European blackjack. You’ll typically only see two decks when playing blackjack, the European game.

Like those in the American variant, the European versions do not have the jokers. Cards are also of the same value as they are in blackjack.

Additionally, the dealer receives his first hand, referred to as the open card, and it is dealt face-up. When all the players have either stood or busted and walked away, they’ll deal themselves another card and hit until they stand or stop.

There are a few other distinctions in European blackjack as well as blackjack. If the dealer is dealt their second card after players have played, they might not be able to determine if it is a genuine Blackjack when they first have Ace, ten or higher, jack, queen, or the king. As the player, you’ll not know if the dealer is blackjack until after they have played the hand.

The main takeaway about the distinctions between blackjacks and European blackjack is that, instead of having your blackjack cards dealt face-up, they’re receiving them face down in Europe.

The dealer will not be able to look for a blackjack that is natural when their first card is at an ace or ten-value. When playing European blackjack, you’re playing only two decks the majority of times instead of 6-8 in blackjack.

European Blackjack Or American Blackjack?

Knowing the subtle distinctions in European and American blackjack will assist players in applying the appropriate blackjack strategies while playing. While both versions of the game offer distinct advantages, in the end, American Blackjack rules tend to be more user-friendly and flexible and provide more opportunities.

Decks in Play

For European blackjack, two normal decks of the card are utilized. In American blackjack, anywhere from 6-8, regular cards decks are utilized. The more decks used within the shoe higher the house edge, and the more difficult it is to count cards.

Basic Blackjack Strategy

In general, when playing American blackjack games, the players tend to be more aggressive with their double down and split efforts, while for European blackjack games, gamblers are required to be more cautious in their split and double down efforts, particularly when the dealer’s face-up card can be an ace-valued card with ten values.


Blackjack and European blackjack are not different. Blackjack cards are dealt face-up during Blackjack in the American game, whereas when playing European blackjack, you’re receiving the cards face down in the European game.

The dealer only gets one card after the game has ended in Europe in the European game, and then they’re dealt a face-up card and face-down cards when playing gameplay in the American game.

If you’re looking to gain some slight advantages in the game, the European game could offer it since they need fewer decks most of the time. However, they do have more stringent rules for side games, and you cannot turn over a card.

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Name: American Blackjack Vs European Blackjack

Posted On: 21/03/2022

Author: Cameron Riddell

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