Being a High Roller At a Live Casino – Perks and Benefits

Being a High Roller At a Live Casino - Perks and Benefits

A high roller, also known as a “whale”, is a player who either spends vast sums of cash or wagers very frequently at online live casinos or land-based casinos. Numerous perks come with being a high roller at any casino.

Live casinos enable high rollers to access the best of thrilling and exciting casino action wherever and whenever they please. They will go out of their way to keep them always happy. There has never before been such a wide range of premium, high-limit live casino options available, and these days, casino lovers are spoilt for choice.

So let us look at some of the benefits of being a high roller at a live casino.

High Roller Rooms

The premier live casinos typically have high-roller rooms that only those with the necessary bankroll can join. One of the main benefits of these rooms is that you can play at your own pace. If you bet more, you’ll get more in return when you play at live casinos because you can hit wagering targets in less time and add more loyalty points.

Bonuses and Cashback

Most live casinos offer alluring cashback, bonuses and promotions to high rollers. These exclusive high-roller bonuses can include higher rates of cashback, more loyalty points per stake, special bonuses, and entry into slot and table competitions. Several live casinos also have VIP Clubs for high rollers which consist of a wide range of bonus deals offered exclusively for them. 

Great Rewards

Most live casinos offer different levels, with which high rollers can qualify for various prizes. Players have to earn certain points monthly or quarterly to qualify for these levels. These rewards can be tournament entries, cash prizes or casino merchandise.

Exclusivity and Special Treatment

High rollers never have to worry about dealing with drunken players and annoying amateurs. A lot of casinos have exclusive VIP rooms for them. In addition to that, high rollers also get special attention from the staff. Casinos also try to entertain their valued patrons, especially on special events like bachelor parties or birthdays. Live casinos also have tie-ups with other venues over the web. They offer great perks in various casino games for their VIP members. 

Explore New Live Casino Games

Whenever a new game is launched at an online live casino, there is always a huge rush to play it. However, in some of the live casinos, high-rollers get to play the new game a few days before other players. High rollers will also be likely to wager more money per game than standard players, as the wagering limits are often adjusted for them.

Access to VIP Events

Access to exclusive events and holiday getaways are also commonly offered as VIP promos to high rollers too. It is not uncommon for high-rollers to get the red-carpet treatment. High rollers often receive tickets to things such as movie premieres, trips to land-based casinos, and much more.

Personalised and Dedicated Support

Live casinos which run high-roller clubs will always provide their players with customised and dedicated support. These personalised and dedicated support managers will also offer you special promos and bonuses as well as guide you through all the latest gifts that the casino has to offer. 

Speedy and Hassle-Free Withdrawals

One of the slickest benefits of being a high-roller at a live casino is the perks regarding deposits and withdrawals. For initials, the casino will offer you advanced deposit limits. You can flex the amount you would ordinarily be able to deposit according to your requirements. There are high chances that the casino will also make special arrangements for you when it comes to withdrawing your earnings. They often provide faster withdrawal times and better withdrawal limits for their high rollers. Some live casinos also offer lower wagering requirements for bonuses and promotions for their highest rolling players.

Things to Remember for High Rollers

Every live casino has its own high roller program and they all deal with high rollers in their unique way. But undoubtedly it can be said that a high roller always gets preferential treatment from their casino. If you have made it to the top level of the loyalty ladder, then, the chances are, all of the above-mentioned benefits should be available to you as a high-roller at any live casino. So giddy-up and get playing!

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Name: Being a High Roller At a Live Casino – Perks and Benefits

Posted On: 29/12/2019

Author: Cameron Riddell

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