Have you ever crossed a place where people have gathered together at a place and listening to the announcements made by the one person of some numbers people are filled with excitement and fun and shout “BINGO”, yeah!  That exhilaration tells about the love and popularity that online Bingo has among the people across ages and demographics.

Let us take a look at the brief history and technicalities of this immensely loved game called Bingo. 


Bingo in the past

Tracing the history of Bingo in the past. It is said that it has its origins in Italy. It was played by the name of Lotto in Italy during 1530. After that, it expanded its roots and was played in other countries also, like Australia in the 20th century.

Besides being an entertaining and fun game, it also grinds the mind, since a lot of mental skills are involved in this, hence, your mental strength is also enhanced after playing the game. Therefore the students are being involved in the game for the reason, to develop their mental skills, used as multiplication tables.

Bingo and its combinations

There are 75 numbers used while playing online Bingo. There are five groups of fifteen numbers each, which cumulate to seventy-five in total.

Bifurcation in an online bingo is done, according to initial alphabets of the game B-I-N-G-O. the first numbers 1-15 are in the B category, then, there are 16 to 30 in I group, then, 31 to 45 in N group, 46 to 60 in G group and 61 to 75 in O group. According to the calculations of permutations and combinations, if these groups are calculated, there are 552 million-billion-billion combinations, that can be derived from above alphabets and numbers.

Another type of Bingo game is the 90 balls Bingo, which has three rows and nine columns, segregated as 10-19, 20-29, etc.

How is Bingo played?

The players that are involved in this game, are gathered at a place, where the speaker announces the numbers. Each person has to check the numbers on his/her pallete and mark the numbers announced if they have those numbers. The person who is able to complete any row or column of five numbers in a sequence, be it vertically, horizontally or diagonally, that person is announced as the winner.

If you want your chances of winning to increase, then, it is better to buy more cards. More the cards, better the winning chances. 

Fascinating options available for Bingo players

While playing Bingo, you just do not have to play the monotonous game, here you can explore enormous varieties of options like Pyramid, Blackout, and Arrowhead.

And if you are not a big fan of actual Bingo that is played usually, you can also opt for electric Bingo, which is another category of Bingo.

If you want the comfort of your home, but an ardent fan of playing Bingo, then, you could opt for online Bingo as well.

There are online games that are available that anyone can play, with ease. The advantage is that you can play it for free and you do not have to travel anywhere for playing the game.

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Posted On: 28/08/2019

Author: Cameron Riddell

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