Bingo Numbers and Calls: A List OF Bingo Nicknames


If you have ever watched or played bingo at a traditional bingo hall or perhaps indulged in a particular online bingo, you might have noticed there are several odd bingo names that you merely don’t know. Calling bingo figures out is not as straightforward as only 1, 2, 3. and you were not confused if you believe you might have heard something about small studs or Winnie the pooh.

Bingo Lingo Number

Back into the”Bingo Lingo.” Bingo numbers are usually called out in traditional bingo rhymes. If you are new to online bingo, it might be confusing to hear “Two Fat Ladies” or alternative contemporary abbreviations and bingo expressions. But don’t be alarmed if your fellow bingo players begin using odd phrases; bingo is a social game, and you need to get to grips with all the bingo slang meaning, and you will end up understanding in almost no time.

How is the new bingo played?

Before we reach the bingo terms, we believed that we would immediately go over the fundamentals of bingo to refresh your memories or show you exactly what it is about if you’ve never performed with it before.

There are various sorts of bingo that can be performed, but on the whole, it’s performed by crossing the amounts which are on your ticket when they’re called out. You win the game if you cross off all the numbers on your ticket before anybody else.

The kind of game, like 90 basketball or 75 balls, which you’re participating in will determine the number of numbers you have on your ticket. The number of digits in your ticket is going to be the same amount that may be called out from the bingo callers.

Do not be confused with the balls from the title of the game, and it is simply because of how the figures being called out were printed on chunks. But, with the debut of bingo websites, nearly all of the bingo balls are created.

How did the rhymes seem?

The majority of the bingo conditions connected to the amounts are rhymes. They were initially utilized in London from the mid-20th century, in which they had been used to pass secret or hidden messages. These rhymes were quite quickly picked up by bingo players who used them at the bingo halls to make sure all 90 letters could be explained easily when called out. In a significant hallway, the amount 15 and 50 could seem very similar. Therefore, they embraced these rhymes/nicknames to inform the letter apart. Since the usage of those nicknames disperses, they shifted from place to place, plus a few new bingo expressions were inserted.

Here’s a collection of this bingo slang significance concerning the bingo numbers and other odd words you may encounter in the event you play with bingo online or in person.

1 — Kelly’s eye

This bingo saying may be a reference to Ned Kelly, one of Australia’s greatest folk heroes — but most believe it is only military slang.

2 — One small Duck

The number 2 seems the same as a tiny duckling!

3 — Cup of tea

Since the British are especially fond of tea and only because it succeeds. Place the pot on then!

4 — Knock at the door

Who is there?! This term rhymes with the number 4.

5 — a Man living

Another excellent bingo is calling sheet rhyme. Most used bingo numbers phrase.

6 — Tom Mix/Half a dozen

Tom Mix was America’s first Western Star, appearing in 291 movies. His legend lives on in this rhyming bingo telephone. A dozen is 12, and half of 12 is 6. That’s the alternative bingo stating the caller could select.

7 — Lucky seven

The number 7 is deemed blessed in several civilizations. There are just seven days of this week, seven colors of the rainbow, and seven notes on a musical scale. This bingo number is the favorite of many players.

8 — Garden gate

This expression rhymes together with the number 8, but there is reported to be something more concerning the call background. Legend has it that the backyard gate’ has been a code to get a critical meeting or fall off the stage.

9 — Doctor’s orders

Throughout World War II, Number 9 was the title of a pill handed out by military doctors to soldiers that had been a tiny bit ill. This highly effective laxative was stated to clean the machine of ills!

10 — [Prime Minister’s title ]’s a den

Always current, bingo callers will fit the title of the present Prime Minister to this call. It references number 10 Downing Street. It’s the most used bingo number.

11 — One rating / Obtaining Plenty

There are many units at a score. The term getting lots’ is also a bright rhyme with the amount.

12 — Royal salute / Key of the door

There are firearms fired at a military or royal salute. 12 was also the conventional age at which you’d go from your parents’ home and also have your keys to your place.

13 — 2 little ducks

Again, this forecast is present to explain the form which the amounts make.

14 — The Lord is my shepherd

A biblical reference, this is the very first expression of Psalm from the Old Testament.

15 — Droopy drawers

Said for a visual reference to sagging pants!

16 — Duck and dip

Another forecast that rhymes, but it is also stated that the number 2 is your Duck, and you would like to dive away in the number 5 that resembles a snake! Among the stranger bingo conditions, that is for sure.

17 — Half a crown

This expression comes from pre decimalization (old currency ), where two shillings and sixpence composed half a crown.

18 — Gateway to paradise

You’ll be in paradise if you call home with this particular bingo rhyming slang!

19 — At a country

Cockney rhyming slang. “He had been in the right two and eight” ways” He had been in bad condition.”

20 — Rise and shine

The amounts rhyme with this saying.

21 — Tips

This term rhymes with the number 21.

22 — Winnie the Pooh

Winnie the Pooh books by A. A. Milne was published in 1926. The honey-loving bear became a part of the Walt Disney family in 1965.

23 — Down on your knees

Harking back into wartime Britain, soldiers frequently used this expression throughout the war.

24 — 2 dozen

12 is one dozen, and 24 earns two dozen.

25 — Halfway there

There are 90 chunks in conventional British bingo matches.

26 — a more than dozen

2 x 13 = 26

27 — seven and Four

Not particularly inspiring, but it does exactly what it says on the tin. Do you think of a greater one?

28– Up to tips

This term rhymes with the number 28.

29 — PC

This forecast is based on the old T.V. program’ Adventures of P.C. 49,’ which aired from 1946–53. The series told the tales of an unconventional police constable solving instances in London.

30 — Dirty Gertie

Rhyming with 30, this expression comes from the nickname to its statue La Délivrance, a bronze sculpture of a nude lady installed in North London in 1927. Likewise, there was a raucous song named Dirty Gertie from Bizerte, which Allied soldiers had sung in North Africa during the Second World War.

Time for pleasure.

Life has started, so it is time for a while!


Now you have become proficient in bingo numbers and calls; now you know many bingo numbers nicknames that you could use while playing. 

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Name: Bingo Numbers and Calls: A List OF Bingo Nicknames

Posted On: 16/04/2021

Author: Cameron Riddell

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