Casino Games In Exotic Remote Places

Casino Games In Exotic Remote Places

If you thought Vegas and Macau are the only hubs of the best casino games, you couldn’t be more wrong! Yes, they are the meccas where everyone flocks and comprise an insane collection of games. But have you ever given a thought about stepping into a casino that’s a well-packed combo of exotic scenery as well as some mind blowing casino rounds?

Sure, who would want to travel far and wide in search of casinos when you could hit up a round of roulette online? Yet, let us assure you when nature embraces with all its might, the experience stays darted in your mind for years to come. After all, even playing the best casino games is mainstream, but playing it somewhere at the end of the world? That’s something!

So, here we are today with a list of casinos in some of the most remote, strange and exotic places in the world. Check them out, and thank us later.

Kingdom of Lesotho

If you could take the notion ‘end of the world’ quite literally, the Kingdom of Lesotho would definitely be the picture you are looking for. Apart from its exquisite geographical setting, you will be amazed at the wildlife and natural beauty that resides in and around the place. It’s located at the tip of Africa, and the name of the continent is enough to have the traveller in you excited. Among everything else, the Kingdom of Lesotho is best experienced by entering the sleek Lesotho Sun. It’s a world-class resort with some of the best casino games that you’ll find in the latest casinos of Vegas.

The Casinos on the Flying Jets

At one point in time, flying was a luxury. It was reserved only for the elites, and we got to see them flying around in private jets with personal space for drinks, movies, and meals. But then as the world changed, jets became more commonplace. But aeroplane journeys are boring once the vehicle hits the sky, and what’s the best way to keep the travellers engaged than a host of great casino games. Today, jets come with plenty of such games, and in-flight casinos are a thing now!

The Desert Cave Hotel

If you’re looking at exoticism, it’s a shame to miss the famous Desert Cave Hotel in Australia. The continent, disconnected from the rest of the world, is too many things at once. Not only does it shine in its glory of wildlife, scenery, modern architecture, and rustic countryside, it also glows in its conglomeration of hotels spread all over the place. Although there are over 20 such hotels and resorts which are famous for their casinos, pubs, and bars, very few give you as authentic an experience as Desert Cave. You got to go there to understand what lies in store for you. Some of the most original casino games, great hospitality, mind blowing scenery, vast swathes of greenery, you name it.

Casino boats of Old Mississippi

Well, the good old days of the Mississippi steamboats are back, it seems! Expensive hotels, suites, bars, and pubs are great too for leisure, but if you are more of a traditionalist, the good old steamboats will serve you just right with their extensive gambling halls, authentic luxury suites, and innovative casino games. You will miss out on a lot of traditional approaches that are followed here if you are a fan of the saying, ‘ all happens in the sea!’ 

People like traditions and they like getting nostalgic. A heck lot! This is why good ol’ Mississippi ranked in our list as one of the most exotic places, which also comprise casino games. It’s one of the most sought out places for travellers who have a soft corner for gambling.

Divi Carina Bay

Picture this in your mind and, of course, close your eyes while you are at it. You are having a sip of your favourite wine sitting near a picturesque beach, and then going back to the luxurious suite to try your luck with some of the best casino games. Doesn’t life sound good? Yeah, this is what you get at Divi Carina Bay, located in the Virgin Islands. You wouldn’t want to miss the experience of gambling by the seaside accompanied by great food and great consumer experience.


So, here’s the complete list of the exotic, remote places with some of the best casino games you wouldn’t like to miss out on. If you asked us to choose, we would tell you there’s a tie between the mesmerizing indigenous experience of the Kingdom of Lesotho and the good old steamboats of Mississippi!

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Name: Casino Games In Exotic Remote Places

Posted On: 09/09/2020

Author: Cameron Riddell

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