Understanding The Difference Between Real Money And Play Money Poker

When play money poker players switch to real money poker, most of the time they think that they are going to get the same experience. But soon they realize their mistake during the game because real money poker is much harder than play money poker. New poker players can gather experience by playing play money poker. But, to get success and make money in real money games, at first, we should understand the differences between play money games and real money games.

 Play money poker players don’t follow any particular strategy and don’t care about the loss. Whereas real money games involve real money, that is why players think twice before taking a step during the game. Very few players know the similarities and differences between the play money poker games and real money games. Let’s discuss both sides of the play money games and real money games.

Play Money Poker

 Play Money poker is an easy way to get familiar with the rules and procedures of poker. When it comes to playing play money poker, most of the participants involved in poker play it for fun. Here you can meet with many loser players because those people don’t take the game seriously.

To win a game, you only have to observe opponents and take smart steps based on these observations. You don’t have to face the risk of losing real money and you can enj Joy the game freely. And if you get success in the play money poker, you can switch to real money games.

Real Money Poker

 Nowadays playing online casino games is a great way to earn extra money. There are several real money poker websites and softwares where you can earn real money. In those platforms, you can easily choose any of the easy-to-use payment gateway options to play and win real money. The amount of money you can earn from Real Money games is based on your gaming experience. These websites offer all popular real money poker players like Texas 6+ Poker, Texas Hold’em, 7 Card Stud, Open Face Chinese Poker, 32 Draw Poker, American Poker, Boost Poker, and Omaha Poker. They have their terms and conditions. One can even play his favorite poker with players from different countries. So, it is very interesting and people can earn real money.

Difficulty level

One can learn poker easily but it can be challenging for beginners. In play money poker games, you can see many careless loser players but it is not easy for new players. If you can practice it, you will be able to learn strategies that can help you in real money poker. But, on the other hand, if people are in real money games, they always face many difficulties. Real money games are very challenging for all players. Players play this game very sincerely and strategically. They don’t want to lose even a single penny which makes it much tougher than play money poker. We cannot say, real money poker players don’t make mistakes at all but they try their best on the poker table.

Strategies to avoid the loss

 In play money poker, people don’t care about their loss. They play it just for fun and time pass. They don’t follow any specific strategy to win. But, in poker, strategies, decision making and position awareness are very important. There is some mathematics related to incomplete information in poker. Selection of starting hand is also important. Players have to avoid tilt during the game. Poker has different approaches and styles to play. For that reason, most real money poker players build their poker-playing strategies. They don’t throw all of their chips on the table carelessly. Even weak players in online poker rooms always try to give their all efforts to win the game. No one wants to lose money and that is why people try their best in real money games. All these players learned from what they did and changed their approaches and styles going forward. They use different advanced strategies like Tight, Loose, Aggressive, Passive.

Duration of game

 Poker is a strategy game so poker players should have a lot of patience. People think, Success in play money poker is just useless and there is no profit. So, they don’t think a lot before making a move and make it faster to enjoy a big showdown. But real money poker games are very slow and people spend more time making the decision. People take it seriously and make it longer. In real life, the average duration of a poker game is 1-3 hours with simple cash and the duration of a poker tournament can be 1 hour to 12 hours. Time is a part of any game but people manage it according to the type of game.

Game-changing rack

 In poker, one can lose the game even if he is playing with the opponents of equal skill. It happens because of the rack. Rack is a tray with the profits of all real money poker players. So, an average player can lose a rack.

Player’s emotion

In online poker platforms, player’s emotions with Perception, Thought, and Behaviour can change when it comes to playing real money poker. People can feel the direct impact of winning or losing in real life. They feel emotionally attached to the game because they play it with the real money they can lose during the game. Poker is a game where success comes with the mistake of opponents. For this reason, people always pray for their opponent’s mistakes when all players are equally skilled.


By wrapping it up, one can say that real money game players always try to be much more focused on the game and try their best to avoid loss, and conversely, for play money poker, players take the game lightly. Real money poker players have their different styles of play, strategies, and attitudes which make the game much more interesting and enjoyable with a real poker experience.


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Name: Understanding The Difference Between Real Money And Play Money Poker

Posted On: 22/07/2021

Author: Cameron Riddell

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