Getting Started with Double Ball Roulette – Basics Explained


Technological advances have brought increased variety to the casino gambling sector. Today, players can try their hands on numerous exciting variations of both casino classics and modern casino titles. And the game of Roulette is no exception to that.

An interesting Roulette variant that has sparked interest among Roulette players in recent times is Double Ball Roulette. Here’s a beginner guide that details the basics and the workings of Double Ball Roulette to help you get started.

What is Double Ball Roulette?

Double Ball Roulette is another version of Roulette based on the same rules as that of standard Roulette. But unlike traditional Roulette, the game of Double Ball Roulette is played using two balls.

In land-based Double Ball Roulette, a special mechanism is used to launch the ball into the spinning wheel. And to prevent the balls from colliding with each other, the launching mechanism makes use of compressed air. If both balls are set in motion at the same speed, then they will always land in the slot ahead of where the first ball landed.

Added to its popularity, the game Double Roulette has made its way into the online casino gaming world. Today, the Double Ball Roulette game can be played at all the top online gambling sites and mobile casinos out there.

Double Ball Roulette rules

Below is a look at the general rules for Double Ball Roulette:

  • Depending on the chosen version, single-zero or double-zero wheels can be used.
  • All versions of Double Ball Roulette have two wheels.
  • For the outside wagers to win, both balls must land in the chosen number/colour slot.
  • The inside bets will win if either ball stops in the chosen number/colour pocket.
  • To win the Double Ball Jackpot wager, both balls must stop at the selected number.

Available bets in Double Ball Roulette

If you’ve played Roulette at an online casino UK before, you’ll notice that the available bet types in Double Ball Roulette are essentially the same as traditional Roulette. In this version, however, the payouts are different from those in classic Roulette games. Below we’ve listed the most common betting options for the Double Ball game:

  • Single number – This bet pays 17:1 if either of the balls hits. The payout is 34:1 for hitting both balls.
  • 2 number – This wager pays 8:1 upon landing a single ball and 16:1 if both the balls hit.
  • 3 number – This wager pays 5:1 upon landing a single ball and 10:1 if both the balls hit.
  • 4 number – This wager pays 3:1 upon landing a single ball and 6:1 if both the balls hit.
  • 5 number – This wager pays 5:2 upon landing a single ball and 5:1 if both the balls hit.
  • 6 number – This wager pays 2:1 upon landing a single ball and 4:1 if both the balls hit.
  • Red/Black, Odd/Even 0 These bets pay 3:1 upon landing both balls in the selected 18 numbers.
  • Dozens – This wager pays 8:1 upon landing both the balls in the selected 12 numbers.

So, this covers all that you need to know about Double Ball Roulette as a beginner. Now that you know the basics and other fundamentals of the Double Ball version, it’s time to give the game a try at our casino. Dive into the fun today!

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Name: Getting Started with Double Ball Roulette – Basics Explained

Posted On: 28/10/2022

Author: Cameron Riddell

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