Doubling Down in Blackjack

Blackjack is a comparing card game between one or more players and the dealer where each player competes against the dealer. Doubling down is an exciting move to make in online Blackjack. Players double their bet in the middle of a hand, after which they receive one more card.

Doubling Down in Blackjack

Knowing when to double down during a game of Blackjack is essential. Online casinos offer various games like scratch cards, Blackjack, online slots and many more. This casino guide will explain doubling down in the game of cards.

When to double down

Basic strategies are designed with mathematical probability to tell you exactly when it is best to double down. There are three times when you should place a double down bet. Read the explanation below.

  • Hard 9 against the dealer’s low cards

Hard describes a hand with no Ace. When you are dealt a total of 9, double down when the dealer shows a card between 2 and 6. The combinations could be 2-7, 3-6 or 4-5. It’s best to stand if you have A-8 (a soft 9), regardless of what the dealer shows.

  • Soft 16, 17 or 18 against the croupier’s low cards

An ace with a 5, 6 or 7 gives you a soft total of 16 to 18. You should double down on this bet if the dealer is showing a lower card. You are less likely to get a high hand with an ace and a lower card.

  • Hard 10 or 11 against any lower dealer card

A hard 10 or 11 put you in a strong position (any two cards making 10 or 11 excluding an Ace). You must double down if the dealer has a lower total.

When not to double down

Never double down when the dealer is showing an Ace as the chances of them getting Blackjack are too high. Even if the dealer doesn’t have a Blackjack, there’s a very good chance that they will end up with a total close to 21.

The chances of going bust when you’re showing anything higher than an 11 are too high. Stick on a lower total and hope that the dealer goes bust.

You must never double down every time you have cards totalling 11. Be careful if the dealer is showing an ace, a 9 or a 10-value card. This is because the croupier has a high chance of getting a good total which makes your odds of winning lower. It might seem like a wasted opportunity, but it is often the right choice.

Things to look for when doubling down

You must read the casino rules when doubling down in Blackjack. Most live casinos only allow players to double down when they’re showing cards totalling 10 or 11. Also, pay attention to the value the dealer must hit.

You might have situations where the rules say you can’t double down when the strategy says you should. Be sure to hit if you can’t double down.

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Name: Doubling Down in Blackjack

Posted On: 18/09/2019

Author: Cameron Riddell

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