Every Betting Terms and Gambling Phrases and their terminologies

Every Betting Terms and Gambling Phrases and their terminologies

Have you decided to be a gambling guru? You’re either a regular on the old-fashioned online casinos or exploring the waters to discover the iGaming experience. The industry is full of many words and terms that could confuse even the most experienced of us. Therefore we’ve compiled an alphabetical list of the most frequently used gambling terms to help you along – no matter where you’re on your journey to the casino.

The A-Z of gambling

All Out

What’s All out?

The term is used to describe a greyhound horse or a team working to the max to achieve the desired result.

All Weather Betting Terms

What does the word “all-weather” mean?

All-weather racing is held at racetracks with artificial surfaces that are suitable for racing throughout the year regardless of the conditions, with the proper reason. Racing may still be canceled amid gale-force winds, and some venues like Lingfield and Wolverhampton are weather-proof.

Also Ran

What’s also ran betting terms?

In Horse Racing, all the runners who took part but who finished outside the “places” that payout are classified as runners.


What exactly does Ante-Post mean betting terms?

It is an important word to know. Ante-Post prices are offered before the race. It is possible to search Ante-Post odds on the horse that will take home the next Grand National months ahead of time, and you could receive a better deal, but you also run the risk of becoming injured or losing form and not being able to participate. 

At the Post

What does”at the post” signify betting terms?

The race is set to begin, and all the horses are “At the Post which means on the starting line or point.


What does back mean betting terms?

Place a bet on betting on a specific selection to predict the outcome.


What exactly is a banker betting terms?

It is a safe bet and a very popular choice. Bettors typically incorporate a banker into a combination or multiple bet to increase their odds.

Betting Exchange

What are  exchange betting terms?

It can be described as an instance of betting exchanges. It’s a peer-to-peer network that allows bettors to exchange additional bets, and thus the customers of betting exchanges can bet on each other.


What exactly are BIR and BIP?

Betting On Running (BIR) (also known as Betting In-Play (BIP) refers to live betting where participants bet in the race, match, or another event.

Betting W/O

What is the meaning of betting W/O betting terms?

This is a way of saying ‘betting without.’ You can wager on the horse victorious in a race with no favorite being included in the results. 


What’s the definition of a bookie betting terms?

A bookmaker is an individual or firm authorized to accept odds and bets from bettors.


What does BTTS mean?

Both teams will score. Place a bet on both teams to score at minimum one goal for each.


How do you define a century betting terms?

Sometimes, it is called a ton; a hundred in betting terms refers to the equivalent of one hundred pounds (PS100 GBP).


What is a colt?

A male horse who is less than 5 years of age. When it reaches five, it is a Stallion.


What are the dam betting terms?

The female parent of a horse. Male parents are sired.

Dead Heat

What is dead heat?

When the event has a tie, a pair of (or more) choices finish at the same level.

Decimal Odds

Decimal odds: What do they mean?

Most often, the format is used to represent odds in Europe. A decimal-based equivalent to the fractional odds 3/1 is 4.00, For instance. The decimal odds are ‘include’ the stake and potential profits. If you are successful, a PS10 bet placed at 3/1 or 4.00 earns PS40.


What is the meaning of evans?

1/1 odds, which is 2.00 in decimal format. If you stake a PS1 wager at the evens could yield PS2.


Which is favorite?

The choice (horse greyhound or teams) with the lowest odds. 


What does FGS refer to?

An abbreviation of First Goalscorer.


What’s the Field?

All other runners and choices in the market (race or tournament, etc.) except the mentioned favorite.


What is an a-file?

A female horse is known as a Mare when it is five years old, before which it will be classified as Fillie. 


What is the meaning of form?

The history of performance of a horse, athlete, greyhound, or team. The stage at which the selection typically is or was recent. The bookmaker uses it to establish prices and to bet companies to determine the odds and make choices.


What exactly does FPTS mean?

Abbreviation for First Player to Score.

Fractional Odds

What is the definition of fractional odds?

The usual method for writing odds is to use the UK. Fractional odds let you determine your profit potential without counting your stake. If you get a bet at 6/1, a PS2 stake will earn you PS12, and you will receive the stake back. So the returns you receive are PS14 in that scenario.

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Name: Every Betting Terms and Gambling Phrases and their terminologies

Posted On: 06/01/2022

Author: Cameron Riddell

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