Ideal Guide for Free spin in Online Gambling

Ideal Guide for Free spin in Online Gambling

If a gambler is looking forward to earning a handsome amount of money without big losses, a free spin is the best way to do it. Well, who doesn’t like the word “free”!! In live casinos too, free spins are one of the best things that have happened till date. It is the most attractive concept for both the mobile casino owners and gamblers. For the casinos, it works as a great promotional tool as it can provide the gamblers with a playing experience without investing much or even for free. So automatically the gamblers get influenced to engage money to gamble. On the other hand, free spin creates a chance of winning money, especially in slot games without investing from the player’s pocket. So technically players cannot lose which makes free spin an appealing offer to them.

The types and number of free spins usually differ from one to one as it depends on individual casinos. Generally, some offer five to six initial free spins or one free spin for each game. Some mobile casinos also offer free spins for watching other promotional videos, referring a friend, following them on social media or even on special dates like Christmas, New Year or even gambler’s birthday. 

Types of free spin

 Technically there are two different types of free spin offered in online casinos. In simple words, there are two types of free spins, one which is offered in casino welcome bonus and other which is offered by game providers. 

  • Sign up/ welcome bonuses free spin: This is the type of free spin given to the newly joined or signed up gamblers as a welcome token. This drives the player’s interest in a dedicated direction for playing various slot games. This motivates them to play and explore the casino more. This bonus free spin are further divided into subcategories
  • No deposit free spin: After a new sign up at any online casino when a gambler is rewarded with an attractive bunch of free spin even without deposit single money it is called no deposit free spin bonus. It is a type of promotional activity. 

With the help of this free spin, a player can play any specific slot game and get rewarded in monetary terms or with another bonus or he can choose to play other games made available in options by the casino.

How does it work?

It is important to keep in mind that no matter which games are available to play with these free spins, each comes with terms and conditions or wagering requirements. With different casinos, these clauses can differ from very high to very low wage. Some casinos can offer the spin with wagering requirements up to 35x to 40x where some can offer it with very low wagering requirements. Also, a gambler should notice the expiry date of any free spin if mentioned and use it before time. 

In short, in case of no deposit free spin always check into wagering requirements, game availability, expiry date if mentioned and T&C (terms and conditions) if any along with free spins.

  • Cash deposit free spin: As the name refers it comes with the deposition of cash in a gambler’s account. Most of the online casinos give special values to the first deposit of any gamblers in order to increase their faith and trust as well as interest in the casino. So when a gambler initiates his first deposit, he gets a bunch of free spins and bonuses for gambling.

Ideal Guide for Free spin in Online Gambling

How does it work?

 This free spin and bonus work in the same way as the no deposit bonus and free spins. Also, some extra variation can be added as it comes with money investment. The number of free spins is definitely higher than no cash deposit free spin as it comes with payment. At max, a casino can provide a 100% cash bonus offer on the first deposit to attract the players. Later with several payments, the number of free spins differs from one to other online casinos. Some mobile casinos can increase the number of free spins with the interval of few deposits and some can reduce the free spin appearance as a gambler becomes experienced with the games.  

In short, here also in case of a cash deposit, free spins always check the same things along with the amount of investment money and make sure the uses of free spins should be useful and spot-on at its optimum.

The utility of free spin in earning real money

Free spins can be used for gaining a handful of experience in gambling and also for earning real money. A free spin is an easy and great source to make a profit in the form of money. The amount of real money depends on the types of free spin. Comparatively no deposit free spin offers a low amount of money than cash deposit free spin for obvious reasons. Also, there can be some terms and conditions mentioned for this purpose. Always be calculative and smart while using these free spins and bonus as these can lead to an excellent win for any gambler.

  • Promotional bonus spin: Apart from this bonus spins, the casino offers bonus free spins on daily, weekly, monthly and on events. These free spins are purely based on promotional strategies to attract more gamblers. It also works in the same way as other free spins. 
  • Game providers bonus: These free spins are offered by different game providers in mobile casinos. These are inbuilt into the games to maintain the interest of the preexisting gamblers. This free spin is provided based on particular games and can be used for that game only. For instance, two free spins can be provided for playing slot machines only by the game provider. 

How does it work?

Players can get this free spin during playing games. Also, it can be rewarded to the player after winning any game along with money for encouraging them to play more. Gamblers can definitely make money out of this bonus or can use it to play an exciting game. Terms and conditions can be attached with these spins too. Gamblers need to have a clear thought about the terms and conditions if any before using the free spins offered by a casino. 

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Name: Ideal Guide for Free spin in Online Gambling

Posted On: 17/09/2020

Author: Cameron Riddell

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