Greatest gambling movie quotes ever

Once you start thinking deeply, you will understand that life is a gamble, it takes enormous luck to win the game. Some of us will be victorious when unfortunate ones fail. So let’s check out a bunch of popular gambling movie quotes which could inspire you down your gambling path. From the day we start to remember, we humans will begin to count the lucky stars. 

Movies are very much related to our factual life as it is a depiction of real-life events. Movies usually depict most of the events and emotions of mankind, such as love, death, family, crime, and happiness in their niches. Let me tell you a fascinating fact there are a lot of gambling-related movies which depict blackjack online and other casino games.

The movies and gambling are the perfect duos

The movies and gambling are one of the ultimate duos. Just like that, there are plenty of blockbuster movies that depict the real-life events of the gambling world. As we already know gambling is one of the most popular forms of entertainment on our planet. 

There are a lot of followers to the same as people find it quite interesting and thrilling. Humans tend to depend on movies for inspiration as they find them very fascinating and they very much like to imitate famous movie quotes.

What are we going to discuss?

In fact, in this article, we are going to give you a list of famous gambling-related movie quotes. As there are plenty of people who find inspiration from movies and famous quotes spelled by their popular actors. So before you start to play roulette online try watching these movies which could be a real confidence booster.

So if you are somebody like that, these famous gambling movie quotes can be very helpful to give you a good insight. Now let’s go ahead and see those juicy gambling movie quotes that you are curious to know, keep reading!

The Empire Strikes Back (1980)

Let’s start with the movie empire strikes which is a 1980 star wars movie that tells the story of intergalactic gamblers. The movie is trying to implement that even in galaxies far, far away people enjoy gambling. The movie received international acclamation and huge followers from the gambling industry. 

 The movie’s main storyline is the struggles faced by protagonist Han Solo, an intergalactic gambler, all-around action man, and rambler. World-renowned actor Harrison Ford received several accolades for playing the legendary role. 

The story follows the hero and his constant struggles and runs from intergalactic gangsters with he has gambling debts. In this epic movie, even with all the runs, Hans Solo has not forgotten to spell out a few epic live casinos quotes. Which has been popular ever since its release.

Let’s explore a few of the best quotes ever said in the star wars movie. The best gambling quote from the movie was by the hero himself, which was a one-liner he delivered as a response to a cyborg talking about the winning odds.

“ But chief, the probability of fruitfully navigating an asteroid field is roughly 3750 to one.” – Cyborg

“Stop telling me the odds.” – Han Solo

Ocean’s 11 (2001)

Undoubtedly the best casino heist movie in history, Ocean’s 11 is loaded with juicy gambling quotes.The movie starred the legendary actor George Clooney as the thrilling hero Danny Ocean. The film’s storyline unravels his preparations and plannings for a mega-casino heist. 

He recruits 11 members who are professional thieves, ex-cons, escape artists, and grifters to pull out an ultimate heist. Their target was one of the biggest casinos in Las Vegas. The sad truth is this movie couldn’t be even possible in casinos online or in today’s gambling world.

Each one knows their part, some are vault experts while a few are distraction makers and the rest look up logistics. And of course, George Clooney, aka ocean is the chosen one to coordinate the heist while he delivers the exemplary gambling quote.

He delivers the quote in an admirably smooth voice as a part of a motivational speech before beginning the big heist. He clarifies to his team why they are about to sabotage their life by robbing a casino? In a answer he says:

“ As you know the house always succeeds, game enough, never alter the stakes. The house consumes you. Unless, when the perfect time comes along, you wager and you wager even big. Then you conquer the house”. – Danny Ocean

The Color of Money

What do you expect when you combine the ultimate trio of Paul Newman, Martin Scorsese, and Tom cruise?. We know a big bang movie right, if so the color of money is a perfect match. The film remains one of the greatest pool hustlers movies ever created.

The color of money is a continuation of the movie the hustler (1959) and depicts the life of “fast Eddie” aka Felson, a pool hustler [played by Newman]. The movie portrays the life of Fast Eddie who is retired from the hustling business. Even after his retirement, his extraordinary talent for staking bets has been promising. 

The story took an unexpected turn after he met with the young and talented Vincent Lauria (played by Tom Cruise). He decided to mentor Cruise after finding his igniting talents.

The famous gambling quote from the movie derives from one of the combination scenes between Newman and Cruise. Where the retired pro hustler explains to the newbie about the major reasons for hustling and gambler’s rush:

“Money won is extra delicious as money earned.”– “Fast Eddie” Felson

That’s a Wrap!

Apart from these sound nuggets mentioned here, there are plenty of other popular gambling movie quotes out there that you can search for later. But the ones mentioned in this article are way more impressive and sum up the theme of the movie with a short but sweet pep talk. Everyone who says the gambling quotes here are tangled with gambling one way or another. Hope you find it inspirational.

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Name: Greatest gambling movie quotes ever

Posted On: 15/07/2022

Author: Cameron Riddell

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