History and Future of Online Slots Industry

Everybody who has ever enjoyed gaming would have tried slots at least once. As a matter of fact, this form of gaming is popular with not just gaming enthusiasts but also with people who have zero knowledge of gaming. Hence, it is no surprising fact that the one unchanging aspect of gaming all through history is the slots being the favourite. There have been occasions and situations all through the ages when slots have been a constant in supermarkets and other convenience stores that had nothing to do with casinos; that is the power and popularity of slots.

History and Future of Online Slots Industry

Early History

Anyone who is interested in the online slots will be familiar now with how it came to be in the beginning. The brainchild of a young engineer Charles Fey, the first-ever slot machine called the Liberty Bell had the images of famous bells from around the world. Created in a three-reel format, for players to win the grand prize or the jackpot each of the reels should have the picture of a famous bell. The greatest thing about this piece of history is that modern slots that people enjoy even to this day are directly based on the original concept.

Modernisation of slots

Though the underlying concept of slots hasn’t changed over the years, how the slot machines run has changed a great deal. In the beginning, the slot machines were still mechanical but with time, the machines became more sophisticated compared to the original prototype. Basically, players had the option to hold reels or even win nudges to try and get the jackpot or some price.

Then with the advent of the computer, slot machines gradually became computerised. Rather than depending on reels, these computerised slot machines started to use the technology of Random Number Generation; and till this day, this is how both conventional and online slots machines work.

Availability of slots online

Now in this age of the internet, slots are available online. Given that almost 85% of the global population is online, gaming companies have recognised the internet as a great medium to popularise gaming. Hence, most of the big players in the gaming market followed by independent providers started providing all popular forms of gaming and casino games online, including online slots. Today, there are websites which allow players to try their luck with slot games without even a deposit.

Looking at the wide variety of slot games and other casino games that are available today, you will be able to understand that providers didn’t stop at just providing slot games and casino games online. If we look at the current casino games closely, we can actually observe an unmistakable influence of video games and multiplayer online games. Slot games and casino games online these days are a lot more engaging and rich. Playing these games feels like watching a movie or a video clip or engaging in a video game with an interesting storyline. Gaming websites today are hiring various talents from the fields of story-writing and story-telling, graphics experts, music experts, etc. to create visually rich slot games with an engaging storyline and top-quality music.

The future of slots

Given that playing slots online is much more exciting and engaging compared to conventional slots, having an interest in knowing what the future holds for slot games and the gaming industry is understandable. The most anticipated improvement in slot games is the introduction of VR. Virtual Reality technology and the availability of VR headsets can mean that people can enjoy conventional slots and online slots with the popular immersion experience in the near future. In the future, casinos might provide slots players with VR headsets to enjoy the games with exciting visual effects or even plots and storylines similar to online casino games today. Additionally, even with online slot games, gamers can connect their VR headsets to enjoy a more immersion effect. And given that a lot of popular technology companies are striving to provide VR headsets at affordable prices, this can become a reality quite soon!

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Name: History and Future of Online Slots Industry

Posted On: 30/09/2019

Author: Cameron Riddell

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