It is always in your hand what amount of courtesy you want to show to others, it is not always a must but you should. It reflects the basic etiquette when you are going to a particular place and it is indeed the right thing to do. You should tip the person that is serving you by any means. As mentioned above, if you are going to a restaurant, it is better to show some courtesy towards the waiter who has served you. Also, you don’t want to be called by the waiter as a miser, for not paying a tip!


If you are going to a casino, the dealer is the person responsible for your game and there is no such rule that you should tip, but if you are winning and want to share your success, you can tip the Blackjack dealer.

When to tip the dealer- The best time to tip the Blackjack dealer

You can pay the blackjack dealer twice. First, you can tip the dealer at some regular intervals, for instance, if you were at the casino table for nearly three hours, you might as well tip the dealer at every one hour. 

The other option is that you share your wins at regular intervals, for example, you are winning a particular amount, then you can tip 10% of your win with the dealer.

Or you may want to tip the dealer at the end of your game. This way you may judge your wholesome experience during the gambling and on the basis of that, you pay the dealer his tip. Some people tip higher when they win large amounts and pay less when they had a bad experience during their time at the casino.

There are different ways in which you can pay your dealer:

Whether you pay the dealer, on the basis of your stake or your wins, this is your choice.

But there are several ways people can pay the dealer. For instance, when you are playing at the casino, and you have put a stake of 100$, then, you might tip the dealer at that very moment of 10$ or $5, depending on your choice.

Another way to pay the dealer is to put a bet in his name – but this is quite risky, since if the bet is won, then the dealer gets his price. But if unfortunately, the bet does not work and he loses, he does not get his money, and all the money goes to the casino.

Some people choose the luck factor to decide whether to tip the dealer or not, if they win, they pay the dealer and if they do not win, they do not pay the dealer.

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Posted On: 26/08/2019

Author: Cameron Riddell

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