Online or Land-based Scratch Cards – the Dilemma of Which One to Choose

Online or Land-based Scratch Cards - the Dilemma of Which One to Choose

Introduction to Scratch Cards

Whether it is online or land-based, scratch cards have maintained their popularity all over the world till date. It brings out a certain kind of excitement and an element of surprise in people playing them.

The present world of virtual games provides each one of us an equal opportunity to play the online scratch card game. Many online platforms offer a variety of online scratch cards and lotteries to choose from with an extremely reliable and robust security system for payments. So let us compare both versions to find out which one outshines the other.

Difference Between Online and Land-based Scratch Cards

Online and land-based scratch cards differ from one another in a variety of aspects. Lets us take a close look!

Timing of Purchase and Playing

One of the biggest advantages of an online scratch card game is that there is no restriction of time and you can play the game at any time of the day. You choose the time you want to play the game without affecting your routine or output, unlike the land-based scratch cards.

Purchasing a Ticket

To purchase a ticket in a land-based card is to walk to the counter and then pay where they direct. But in an online casino, scratch card games can be accessed with just a click of a button. You need to create an account, enter your details, and buy the card within a few moments.

Types of Games

The variety of scratch card options on offer is another major difference between the two versions. In an online version, players will find a very wide selection of instant games to choose from, unlike a shop, there’s no risk of your favourite scratch card being out of stock.


In land-based scratch cards, you may lose your land-based ticket. You need to be extra cautious, and even if you are, you are always at the fear of losing it. However, in the case of online scratch cards, your account will have all the records of the purchase you make and there is no chance of losing them at length.

Process of Playing

The scratching of a card with metal is the only way when it comes to land-based scratch cards. But this varies for the online scratch card, as they can be found out with just a click. Online scratch cards also allow the player to select random numbers by just a touch or click of a button.

Claiming the Prize

In a land-based scratch card, it may happen that you will forget the dates when the result is declared. Hence, you will not be able to claim it for the final thing. While for the online scratch card, the results are generally posted in numerous places, including the social media which makes it difficult for you to miss out on claims. Most of the games are generally instantly revealed, so you will also know the results immediately and the amount will be instantly transferred to your bank account, thereby completing the transaction.

Scratch Card Payouts

In online scratch cards, if a player reveals three or more multipliers of the same number then, his bet is multiplied by that number to give the final amount. Land-based scratch cards often pay out only one to one.

Ease of Playing

Another benefit of online scratch cards games is that you can make the process completely automated. You just need to store the tickets and the software will replay it every week by selecting the numbers you want to play. You don’t even have to remember to play, and you will never miss a draw, unlike what happens in land-based scratch card games.

All that matters in online scratch cards is how long you want to play and how many games you want to play.

Global Reach of Online Scratch Card

The online scratch card games allow you to compete with other players at a global level. There are websites which conduct major overseas draws where you also get a chance to join with other players by exchanging shares.

Moreover, there is no risk of default because all these online scratch cards games are under authorised regulators and completely adhere to the rules set by the regulators.

Which is Preferable?

From the above comparisons, it can be very well deduced that online scratch cards are a very easy and convenient method of playing the game over any land-based scratch card.

Online scratch cards are a great way to relax as well as have fun and are very in demand among the players worldwide. With the boom of digitization and online technology, online scratch cards definitely seem to have the upper hand.

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Name: Online or Land-based Scratch Cards – the Dilemma of Which One to Choose

Posted On: 22/12/2019

Author: Cameron Riddell

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