Simple Strategies to Play Online Roulette Games

Whenever you play any online Roulette game, you need to devise strategies to challenge the house edge to have an upper edge in your game. Gambling strategies need to be sharp and to the point, depending on the game you are investing your time in. The first and foremost thing to remember while playing Roulette is that house edge on the European wheel is half of that in the American version. It is up to you to ultimately choose the variant that interests you.

Simple Strategies to Play Online Roulette Games

Online Roulette strategies to master

The Subtraction Roulette system

This strategy involves basic subtraction which you can apply while playing online Roulette. You need to check the top two numbers on the scoreboard on the Roulette table. For instance, if they are 24 and 12, then, just subtract the lowest from the highest. You will get 12. So, on the next spin, you should place a bet on the number 12. You should now wait for the next two numbers. If they are 4 and 10, then, you need to again subtract one from the other. You will get 6 and you should place a bet on it. You should repeat the steps. If the numbers are the same, then, you should bet on 0 on the European wheel and 00 on the American wheel.    

Addition and Division Roulette Strategy

For this strategy, you need to use the basic addition and division techniques to obtain an average on which you can bet on. For instance, if the top two numbers are 16 and 10 on the scoreboard, then, you should first add them. You will get 26 upon adding the two numbers. You should then divide 26 by 2. You will get 13 and this is the number you should wager on. Now, you need to wait for the next numbers and then, repeat the procedure. You need to consider 00 as 0 while performing calculations. If you get a fraction as average, then, you need to round up. If you get 16.5 as average, then, you should bet on 17.   

Split betting while playing online Roulette

If you want to bet greater than the minimum bet for a particular table, then, you should consider splitting your bet on even-money propositions. For example: If the minimum table bet is £10 and if you want to bet on £60 and if you notice red making appearance 4x than black, then, you should bet £60 on red. If red appears just twice more than black, then, you should cut down your bet to £30. Do not forget that there is always a house edge associated with a game and no strategies can overcome it. You need to be cautious with your money while betting and it is best to set a budget and stick to it.  

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Name: Simple Strategies to Play Online Roulette Games

Posted On: 01/07/2019

Author: Cameron Riddell

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