Top 10 Online Gambling Countries

We all know that gambling has been an activity that has been popular for a long time. The land-based casinos have enjoyed great popularity since the time they first began to appear. Today, they are frequented by players. 

But the advancement in technology that we’ve witnessed over the past few years brought about a new style of gambling that is now taking over the globe. We’re talking about gambling online!

While land-based casinos aren’t completely obsolete yet, their appeal is rapidly declining in favor of casinos online. And this is an international phenomenon. 

Many embrace it by constantly innovating the business. Keep reading to learn about the top countries for online gambling!


Gambling is so widespread throughout Australia that it has even led the Central Bank to be compelled to raise interest rates. Australia permits online gambling on sports. Slots are the most played games across the nation. 

New South Wales accounts for 50% of the nation’s slot machines. Gamblers of all ages reported losses of $1,128 for each adult. Nine hundred thirty-five gamblers were exiled from casinos between 2006 and 2010. But, they were snared more than 1,200 times in violation of their prohibition.


Singapore has only opened its first casino in 2010 and is now one of the most popular gambling nations worldwide. The casino opening in Singapore caused a lot of concern throughout the nation, and most people feared gambling addiction and loss. 

The government has been trying to discourage gambling among the locals by imposing a fee of $81 for residents who want to play in the casino. 

Families can also restrict their family members from casinos under “Family Exclusion Orders.” However, these rules have not helped curb the nation’s gambling culture. In 2010, the country lost $1,174 per adult.


The casino industry in Ireland is not regulated at all since it is based on the previous Gaming and Lottery Act of 1956. As per the laws of Ireland, only members who are registered with can provide casino services. 

The wagering on machines for gaming is not allowed to exceed 6 cents, and the benefits for gambling can be as high as 10 shillings. However, the law cannot be enforced because the Irish currency has not been used as a legal currency since 1999. 

The enormous losses suffered by gambling adults, an average of $588 per adult, have caused the government to consider adopting laws to manage the gaming business in Ireland.


More than 75% of Canadian adults have participated in some form of gambling. Most gamblers in Canada are from Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan has a gambling revenue of $841 per person over the age of 18. The most popular gambling games in Canada include scratch cards and lottery.

The popularity of the lottery game in Canada has resulted in the government establishing initiatives to prevent the giving of lottery tickets to minors for gifts. Canada has recorded losses of $568 from gaming per adult.


More than 41% of the population of adults in Finland gambles regularly following the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. 

The gambling age minimum in the country was increased to 18 in 2011 from 15 years in previous years to reduce gambling among children. 

The government owns the national lottery company of Finland. It is administered under the Ministry of Education, with the profits from the company going towards education, culture and the arts. 

This is because the Paf Group of Finland, managing the online gambling company, offers refunds to loyal customers who have spent a minimum of $171.40 on its website but are confirmed as suffering from addiction to gambling. Finnish gamblers can lose on average $553 for each adult.

United Kingdom

The UK market is among the most stringent regarding the safety of online gambling. Because the country is very committed to gambling on the internet, the UKGC was set up to provide safe gambling and create a safe and secure gaming environment. 

This way, players can enjoy a full range of gambling without being exposed to risks. We can conclude that the country sets an example for other nations that consider equalizing gambling online.


We can’t ignore the USA, which accounts for close to 70% of the online players. Even though it is the home of the most famous gambling spot worldwide, Las Vegas, this issue was viewed as a major problem in the United States. 

While certain states were accommodating to gambling online, other states were more cautious. The restrictions, however, began to decrease over time, and US citizens are now extremely avid gamblers on the internet and have been spending over $35.5 billion annually.

New Zealand

The law on gambling within New Zealand is quite permissive; However, it is not without ups and downs. While online gambling is safe and legal, Kiwi punters are only allowed to gamble at foreign-owned casinos. 

But, this isn’t an issue as recent studies have shown that “online gambling’ search results have dramatically increased in New Zealand in the recent four years.


Many Asian nations have implemented strict restrictions on online gambling. However, this isn’t the case for Japan, as it is considered the Far East’s secluded oasis for gambling. 

Japan is a strict regulator of the business by ensuring that casinos online meet the most stringent security standards. Japanese gamblers spend an average of $18.6 billion each year online. Therefore, it is safe to say that they love the kind of gaming they enjoy.


Because Germany is the largest nation in Europe and is one of the most robust economies around, We can conclude that most of its inhabitants have an abundance of disposable income. 

Because they love online gambling, most of that money is spent at online casinos. It is estimated that close to EUR5.7 billion is paid by Germans in gambling every year. But their laws are strict regarding betting on the internet, which means they know how to gamble responsibly.

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Name: Top 10 Online Gambling Countries

Posted On: 25/04/2022

Author: Cameron Riddell

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