Top 5 Penny Slot Tips That Can Make You a Pro!

Top 5 Penny Slot Tips That Can Make You a Pro!

Slots are the most popular game in the casinos. Bettors love to play different kinds of slots in the casinos. And among the slot’s games, the most popular is the penny slot games. The very basics of the penny slots is the same as the video slots or online slots game. The play lines and bonus events are the same like video or online slots; only the volatility differs here in this game. Here in this article, we have pointed out the top 5 penny slot tips that will help you to become a pro in this game for sure.

Try betting on all play lines:

In the newer slots’ machines, most of the penny slots have 40 play lines. Therefore, if you have to bet on all the lines, then your minimum bet would be 40 cents for a single term. But in some of the games, the players have options for choosing the play lines as per their wish. But considering the matter of high volatility, you should always choose the maximum play lines to increase the chance of winnings. With these slot tips, you can have the maximum number of winning hands.

Make sure that your bets are eligible for Jackpots:

The Jackpots in penny slots start from the very lower level from a few dollars and can go till the thousands of dollars at the highest. Penny slots are having a different level of Jackpots like Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Mini, Minor, Major, and so on. Some of the penny slots provide an opportunity to each and every player to participate in progressive Jackpots for no extra cost and irrespective of any number of bets. On the contrary, many others take the extra cost for participating in the progressive Jackpot and take note of your bets. Therefore, make sure that your bets are fulfilling the eligibility criterion for the Jackpots. Because in the progressive Jackpots, the average probability of winning is always high.

Take care of your winning goals and loss appetite:

Always take care of your winning goals and the maximum limit of loss that you can commit. As in the gamble, there are no limits to losses and gains. It feels great if you keep winning continuously in every bet in the casinos, but it hurts a lot when you lose the maximum. Therefore, it is better to set a limit for both losses and gains. With this slot tips, your winnings may be limited, but you can take control of the probability of your maximum losses too.

Fix a bankroll for the day:

Fixing a specific bankroll is most important in gambling as per your risk appetite. You might be thinking that in a penny slot game “setting a bankroll” is less important as the highest bets are as high as 40 cents. But you shouldn’t forget the frequency of spins as well. It has shown in a study that normally in a penny slot game, a player plays a minimum 500 spins per hour. So, if you do some simple arithmetical calculation here, then the calculation stands like (500 spins* 40 cents) per hour. Therefore, your total investment for an hour can go up to $200. That means you have a probability of losing $200 per hour in a penny slot game. Now you may realize how important it is to set a bankroll in a penny slot!

Don’t forget the role of RNG:

In a slot machine, the chances of winning a hand is the same in every spin because of random number generators. You never know what is going to happen in the next spin. You just can’t predict it correctly. You may win a small or lose a big. Therefore, where there is no certainty of an obvious win in the next spin, you shouldn’t keep playing emotionally. Always remember this slot tips that the random number generator is having no information about the spins. Neither the previous spins it records nor the future spins it predicts. So, don’t be an emotional optimist, you may suffer a lot more than you think.

The bonus one: Playing for fun:

The last slot tips we can point out to you that always play this game for having fun. Enjoy the penny slots at fullest but never expect that it will make you a millionaire someday. Be happy with small winnings and take care of your bankroll and risk appetite.

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Name: Top 5 Penny Slot Tips That Can Make You a Pro!

Posted On: 02/09/2020

Author: Cameron Riddell

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