Top Things About Poker Tilt And How You Can Avoid It

How long have you been playing poker? If you’ve played poker for a while in a casino, you will know that the game is more about skills than emotions and luck. 

If you’re a novice to poker, chances are you will agree with the skill and luck parts but may be confused by what we mean when we mention emotions. Poker tilt is a poker concept that talks about how emotions can take over and determine how things turn out in different rounds.

It doesn’t matter if you’re having a bad or good day at poker tournaments, whether Texas Hold’em, Omaha Poker, or another poker variant. You can go tilt. It’s all about losing control of your emotions and letting them impact your ability to play the best poker game you can (online or live). 

This control can be lost because of events at the poker table or events that occurred before you started playing poker. It is important to be aware of the possible ways you might play poker and take steps to avoid it.

Poker is not a game you can play instinctively or emotionally. You must have a lot of intelligence and critical thinking to play poker well, and you must learn how to minimize tilt to be a consistent poker player.

What does poker tilt mean? What are the various types of poker tilt? Why is it important to avoid tilting? We will dive deeper to answer all your questions about tilting.

What is tilt?

Tilt refers to a bad state of mind in poker that causes a player to make costly mistakes. This is usually caused by frustration. Tilt can be described as playing hands you shouldn’t or bluffing excessively.  You can leave a cash game and go back to play, but you cannot do that in a tournament. To overcome tilt, you must be present at the moment and not get distracted by the past.

Remember to keep your eyes on the basics of the game when you start to tilt. Tilting can cause problems in your ability to think clearly. But, if you make good decisions, you can reduce the loss.

Why should you avoid poker tilt?

Let’s look at the top reasons to avoid tilting if you want poker success.

  • Poker requires you to make a lot more decisions than usual. You are more likely to make mistakes in judgment and make decisions that you wouldn’t otherwise have made if you don’t have control over your emotions.
  • Your opponents will notice when you are emotional. They can manipulate your game and read your body language, which allows them to get more hands against your opponents.
  • Tilt can affect your critical thinking abilities and reduce your chances of outsmarting opponents with smart gameplay.
  • Tilt makes it difficult to perform your best poker skills and exposes your weaknesses. Tilt puts you in a vulnerable position. Other players can exploit your weaknesses without you realizing it. This is the worst thing, you may not even be aware that you are under the influence of tilt.

Poker tilt is not something you can enjoy at your best. What are some strategies  to avoid poker tilt? Let’s find out.

Strategies to Avoid Tilting

Take a quick breather at the table

You should take a few seconds to calm down if you notice that you are upset about the game too early. You can do whatever works best for you – closing your eyes, taking deep breaths, singing your favorite song, or repeating an inspirational phrase. Whatever you believe will help you redirect your attention and mental energy and get you back on track.

For a few minutes, get away from the game

Do not wait to see if the above strategy isn’t helping you play your best game. Instead, make a call to the table immediately and get up. You can do something to cheer yourself up, such as taking your eyes off of the game and any losses or bad beats that you have suffered. 

You can go to the bathroom, wash your hands, and listen to music on your phone. Or, you can talk to someone close to you for a while. These things can be done even if you’re playing online poker. It’s almost like taking a vacation and returning to poker with a fresh perspective.

Learn about the Different Types Of Poker Tilts

This strategy is crucial to avoid all possible tilts. Players have different views on poker tilt, and it is important to learn about all the possible tilts. These are the only ways to identify when you are at risk and take preventative measures. These are just a few types of tilts.

Passive tilt

This silent type of tilt is hard to detect. This can be caused by insufficient capital, new limits, bad runs, insufficient capital, or playing with scary money. If you don’t feel comfortable with these limits, it can lead to confidence loss and fear of taking risks. You start to ‘check in’ and call’ too often instead of placing a bet or raising when things are good.

Loose tilt

Poker players often find it common to start playing more hands before the flop and then fold fewer hands after the flop. If you want to play poker all day and, make up losses, or are confident, this is a common occurrence.


One thing is certain: poker is not a game that allows for emotions. Poker tilt is not good for poker players. Keep the following things in mind as you play your next game. 

You must immediately identify the reason you tilt and the type of tilt that caused it and take the necessary steps to stop it from happening again. This is how you will defeat poker tilt. These strategies can be immediately implemented in real-money poker games by playing online poker.

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Name: Top Things About Poker Tilt And How You Can Avoid It

Posted On: 13/06/2022

Author: Cameron Riddell

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