Ultimate Trend Betting Strategies

Surely everybody with a bit of experience of the casino understands that Roulette is purely a game of chance. But throughout the history of casinos, there have been people who have managed to get the upper hand with the wheel of chance and on a number of occasions. The basic advice one gets when playing against the God of Chance is to remember that the Roulette wheel is just another setup with basic imperfections and biases. So, the best way to get the upper hand is to observe, analyse and bet once you are confident enough that you have an idea of how the wheel behaves or at least a pattern.

Ultimate Trend Betting Strategies

Trend betting in Roulette

A popular way to play the Roulette wheel is trend betting. So, what does this concept mean? Basically, the idea is to recognise the current trend and bet for or against the trend. For example, in case you have recognised that the current trend is the colour red you can either bet that the next spin will also land on red or you can bet the next spin will land on black. If you choose the former, you are betting with the trend while if you choose the latter you are betting against the trend. In the same way, trend betting can be applied to odd/even numbers high/low number, etc. The concept of trend betting is very popular in the game of Roulette.

Trend betting strategies – Real or a scam

The beauty Roulette is that even though it is a game of chance there is still a way to be prepared. You can observe the wheel and create your own strategy, especially when it comes to trend betting. And the beauty of the internet is that you might even find resources that help improve your chances of winning. But as it is with any other niche on the internet we have to be aware of scammers. There are people who swear by their trend betting strategy and are ready to sell it to you. When you come across such scams that are looking to get rich leveraging your love for Roulette and your passion to get the better of the game, you should remind yourself that this is a game of chance and there can be no foolproof strategy that can work all the time. The only way to get better of the wheel of chance is to stay patient, observe and place your bets depending on the current circumstances.

General ways to ensure success

That being said, there are some Roulette trend betting strategies that you should know. These are like a basic guide to help you play the game and also decide when to stop and observe. So, here are some of the popular trend betting strategies that can give you an upper hand in the game of Roulette:

  1. Even-money Bets: Most of the experts, as well as frequent players, generally go for even-money bets. Their logic behind this is that it feels like a real contest. So, if you are unsure how to proceed maybe you can start with an even-money bet.
  2. Going with the trend: Trend betting can be with the trend or against the trend; first, let us begin betting with the trend. Basically, observe the wheel. If you see the ball stopping at the same colour twice bet with the trend. For example, if you get red consequently for two spins, bet on red the next time, which means you are betting with the trend.
  3. Betting against the trend: In the above example, you can also bet against the trend which means that you will have to bet that the next spin will be on black. The concept can be applied the same way to odd/even, high/low chances.
  4. When to stop and observe: When betting with the trend, once you win your bet continue betting the same until you lose. Once you lose sit out and observe a few spins until you can once again figure out the pattern to start betting again. In case you are betting against the trend, only bet once. Whether you win or lose sit out and observe until you can pick up the trend anew.
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Name: Ultimate Trend Betting Strategies

Posted On: 02/10/2019

Author: Cameron Riddell

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