What Are Wagering Requirements? How do they work?

The requirement to wager is a typical word found in the Terms and Conditions section of an online betting promotions. It specifies how many times you will need to bet on an offer before you can withdraw any earnings.

The wagering requirements  are commonly referred to as playthrough rules and rollover demands. However, generally, “wagering” applies to betting on games in online casinos, while “playthrough” applies to online casinos and poker websites. The term “rollover” is often used interchangeably and is not widely used across the US.

How Wagering Requirements Work?

A wagering requirement tells you how much you must bet to withdraw the entire funds within your bank account. For instance, if you hold £100 in your bank account, but 50 percent of it is bonus money, you’ll have to meet the wagering requirement before cashing out.

Wagering requirements vary between 1x and 5x for online bonuses for betting. To fulfill the wagering requirement, it is necessary to wager the bonus money (and maybe deposits) at least several times.

Let’s suppose you sign up with an online sportsbook that offers a risk-free bet offer. You put £100 on the lost line, and the book returned your money with £100 worth of free betting credits, tied to a wagering limit of 1x. The credits have to be played once (1x) to convert them into real money that can be used for cashing out.

Other Wagering Requirement T&Cs

The requirements for wagering are usually linked to additional conditions and terms:

  • Minimum Odds: Eligible Bets typically offer odds of -300 to -250 or greater. Thus, a bet with odds of 200 would count towards the wagering requirement; however, a line with 350 odds will not.
  • Time Limit: Most introductory deals expire after seven to 90 days. When the requirements for wagering don’t meet within the time frame specified, the casino may cancel the bonus credits remaining.

Each casino on the internet has its own set of terms and conditions that govern all promotions. Make sure you review them before signing on to any offer.

What Does No Wagering Mean? What Are Wager-free Casino Bonuses?

If we said that your bonus is likely to be accompanied by a wagering obligation, it’s because it is. But, there are a few exceptions to this standard. If we had a perfect world, this is what we’d expect to be seeing.

These types of wager-free bonuses usually involve spins offered by the casino for a specific game, which are completely free instead of actual money in your account. Thus, you make a deposit and then use the spins. Anything you make from the spins could subsequently be wagered for free.

These earnings will be made available in cash and are deposited directly into your bank account for withdrawal without any strings attached. They are just as profitable as they appear! If you’re looking for a real cash bonus with no wagering requirements, you’re in luck! 

There might be some in the wild, but we’d strongly suggest that you conduct your research about the casino that offers them before you start playing. There are plenty of good and reputable casinos that provide bonus wagers, so be certain to benefit from these.

What Are Low And High Wagering Requirements?

We don’t want to make things confusing. However, you may come upon (and this is also typical) wagering requirements for a deposit and bonus attached to both the bonus and a deposit. That means you’ll have to bet twice the amount! Let’s look at the same scenario to show how this could impact your deposit.

Example: Deposit Amount: PS20, Bonus Amount PS20, Wagering Requirements: 30x Bonus

In this case, you’ll have to calculate your bonus amount and deposit (PS40) using the wagering requirement (30x). So, PS40 x 30 = PS1200

That’s quite a large bet. It’s clear the difference it can make for you. It could also appear impossible to achieve, but it’s not. You’ll never be able to estimate the amount you’ll bet before playing, as it’s entirely dependent on lady luck. 

The less you pay, the lower your wagering requirements, and the more favorable. A wagering requirement attached solely to your deposit will be more favorable to you. All wagering requirements tied to the deposit and bonus can also increase the amount you must bet.

This may be different in terms of what can be considered low and what is high. Anything with a minimum of 30x or less can be classified as a low-risk wagering requirement. Anything greater than 30x will be considered high. 

This is the reason we recommend that you do the research first. Do not just accept the first offer you see, as there’s a good chance that numerous other options could be suitable for you.

Why Do Wagering Requirements Exist?

What exactly is gambling in casinos, and why are they in existence? We’ve gone over a number of these; however, many gamblers will wonder why this requirement exists at all. It’s quite simple.

Casinos must also ensure that they meet the required requirements for them to be able to participate in anti-money laundering programs. This will stop criminals from making deposits in the casino and then getting it back in the form of white money.

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Name: What Are Wagering Requirements? How do they work?

Posted On: 18/05/2022

Author: Cameron Riddell

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