What Algorithm Does Casino Slot Machines Use?

What Algorithm Does Casino Slot Machines Use?

Many people think that there is sheer luck between them and a great victory from a casino slot machine. But it is not true. There is calculated science, coding, and formulas that make a slot machine possible. It may seem simple on the outside, but it has great architecture behind the scenes, making people millionaires or snatching away all their money.

This article talks about slot machines algorithm, how it works, and what it means.

Brief Overview of Casino Slot Machines

Well, everyone knows it already, but for those who have never spun it, here you go.

A slot machine has a three, four, five, or even higher number of reels. There are minimum and maximum bets which can be placed. You enter a coin, spin the reels, and if they match, you hit the jackpots; else, you lose.

Role Of Algorithms In Casino Slot Machines

An algorithm works out how the slot machine stops at a certain combination of reels. Slot machines are very popular among casino goers. But the slots and their algorithms have changed significantly. Earlier, the slot machines were equipped with a magnetic braking system. The players used to hit the spin, and the metal reels would start spinning. The magnetic brakes then used to stop each drum, and the resultant number was a random number. People believed that these older machines could be hacked.

Times changed, and new technologies entered the market. Today, the technology behind slot machines is known as Random Number Generators. Not only casino slot machines, but these RNGs are used on a vast level in several casino games. The best thing about these RNGs is that they lack memory and are able to generate millions of combinations of random numbers. Though there is nothing like randomness, as developers write these codes, they mimic randomness very effectively.

These RNGs have a coded algorithm. Each symbol on the reel has an assigned number. Say, if you are paying a three-reel slot, you will spin, and the software will communicate with RNG to reflect a number. The RNG’s algorithm is designed so that it doesn’t remember the number which is going to land on the other reel. Thus, three random numbers are generated, and a combination is reflected on the screen.

Are RNGs Trustworthy?

What makes Random Number Generators dependable is that they ensure a fair game. The RNG keeps changing the numbers whether you are spinning the reels or not. There is also a fixed sequence of numbers in the slot machine, but no one can predict the slot machine since it keeps running. Randomness and unpredictability is the key to fair play.

Also, the best casinos employ the 3rd party tested and verified slot machines that are not rigged. It boosts players’ confidence in the game and gives the casino and players a fair chance.

The Return To Player Value

Return-To-Player means the amount of return a player will earn over some time from a slot machine. Every slot machine has a different RTP value. It depends on the house edge. Say, if the house edge on a slot is 3%, the RTP comes out to be 97%. It means that for every $100 you put into a slot machine, you will receive 97 over a period. It is only a theoretical calculation.

RTP is different for every player. Does the algorithm of the casino slot machines have anything to do with it? No. The machine doesn’t know if it’s the same player playing or another player. It keeps generating numbers and reflecting reels.

Can You Beat The Algorithm?

When it comes to casino slot machines, they are nearly impossible to hack. The reason is the working behind the scenes. You cannot make a pattern based on the reels that show up after every spin, as the RNG keeps generating random numbers. Its seed numbers are so mixed up into many random numbers that it is impossible to guess the next combination.

Besides, if a slot machine is rigged, the chances of which are very slim, then an expert can guess. The laws concerning gambling and casinos have become very stringent. Anyone who engages in malicious practices faces criminal punishment and is often barred from the casino industry altogether. It applies to both players and the casinos. 

Do All Casino Slot Machines Have The Same Algorithm?

The science behind all the slot machines is the same. Today, almost every casino has modern slot machines which run on the same algorithm. But people are more driven towards live casinos on their mobiles instead of going to the brick and mortar casino. A large number of gamblers are playing online casinos. Thus, it has become imperative for online casino sites to ensure a fair game. Computer algorithms play an important role in it.

The computer algorithm plays an important role not only for casino slot machines but also in online roulette, online blackjack, and every other game.

Wrap Up

The algorithm behind the casino slot machines does not affect your strategy for the games. Because in the end, it is luck. All you can see while playing slots is the machine or your mobile screen. Focus on the game, enjoy it, and forget about the algorithm, as the game’s randomness is real fun.

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Name: What Algorithm Does Casino Slot Machines Use?

Posted On: 21/10/2021

Author: Cameron Riddell

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