What is Return-to-Player in RTP Slots?- A Comprehensive Guide

What is Return-to-Player in RTP Slots?- A Comprehensive Guide

Live casinos have become quite popular in the last few years. Mobile casinos are changing the future of online casinos. As the laws are changing and many more players are coming into the market, several new players are also entering it. If you are a new player, you must have come across different technical terms like freerolls, payouts, wagering requirements, RTP slots, etc. Of all these terms, RTP is a very important one. When you play RTP slots in a live casino, this term is crucial for understanding slot games.

This comprehensive guide includes everything about RTP slots, Return to player percentage, calculating it, what a higher percentage means, etc.

What Does Return-to-Player Mean?

The term is simple. RTP means return-to-player, i.e., the return a player earns from an RTP slot game. It is the percentage of the total amount won in a particular casino game against all the money bet on it in a particular period. A higher percentage means a higher return and vice versa. Every casino has a different RTP for the same slot game, i.e., there may be a 92% RTP for a slot game on a casino that has a 95% RTP on another live casino.

Also, it is only a theoretical concept. It is only a random estimate that is statistically calculated over a period. 

How Do RTP Slots Work?

RTP means how much you can get by placing a bet. Say, if a slot game has a 93% RTP, it means you stand a chance to get 93 units of your currency if you bet 100 units on that RTP slot game. Thus, the higher the RTP, the more attractive the slot game becomes. When you choose a slot game, do check its RTP.

How Is RTP Calculated?

Calculating Return-to-player percentage for RTP slots is very easy. It is calculated over a period, so you must use the data of the corresponding period and use the formula-

Return To Player= Total gains from a slot game by players/ Total amount wagered on a slot by players.

 For every player, the return from RTP slots is different. Say, if you spin 100 spins, wagered 100 dollars and earned $120 from the game, your RTP is $120/$100= 120%. While for another player on the same slot, it can be 70%. So, it is an individual calculation.

You can also calculate it by deducting the house edge percentage from a hundred. Say, if the house edge is 5% for the RTP slots game, then its RTP is 95%. Similarly, if a slot game has an RTP of 97% percent, it has a house edge of 3%.

Features Of RTP

When you calculate the return for RTP slots, several factors come into play their distinctive role. The major features of slots in a mobile casino are mentioned below-

First Bet Is Crucial

A person who loses the first bet loses all the money wagered, while a person who won his first bet can have any %age of RTP. It is simple to understand. If you lose your first bet, you lose your entire amount; then, you need to place another bet and start fresh.  

Calculated For A Period

RTP is calculated for a period, say one month or two months. An RTP slot can have 120% RTP one month and 90% in the next month. For casual players, RTP may not be very helpful as they will play a handful of spins, feel the thrill of the game, and make their exit. They can earn a few bucks in the process, and it decides their RTP. But RTP is important for regular players.

RTP Slots Are Subject To Variance

Playing slots is another form of gambling. There is risk involved. But there are two types of slot games. There are high variance and low variance games. High variance games offer higher rewards as they vary significantly. You can earn huge rewards, but you can also incur huge losses. Low variance games are safer than high variance RTP slots. They have a narrow margin, so you can only earn a consistent amount, and the amount of loss is also minimum.

RTP Slots Are Volatile

It applies to both the casino and the bettor. Sometimes, the player bets a huge amount and loses it in the first bet itself. While on other occasions, the bettor may get a huge amount on the first spin, and the casino may have to wait for hours or even days to even that bet. Thus, RTP slots are volatile as every other online game, such as online roulette, online blackjack, or poker.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are playing in a brick-and-mortar casino or a mobile casino, play responsibly. RTP slots are fun, and many people play these games but do not choose a slot game based only on its RTP. Choose an online casino that complies with the required laws and regulations. Bet your money on a progressive jackpot after reading all its terms and conditions and minimum bet requirements.

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Name: What is Return-to-Player in RTP Slots?- A Comprehensive Guide

Posted On: 14/10/2021

Author: Cameron Riddell

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