Why Does Everyone Love American Roulette?

In response to the obvious problem, there isn’t a solution. It’s not that we’ve gone well and really off the deep end! We are also not aware that this statement contradicts our recommendations concerning roulette.

In most cases, choosing European roulette rather than the American version, if available, is wise. However, this doesn’t indicate that American roulette is without all appeal.

The way you view this, a few characteristics of roulette in the American casino make the game (kind of) superior. At least in certain players who claim that American roulette is only the best way to play.

American Roulette vs. European Roulette

The main distinction between American and European rules of roulette is the amount of space within the wheel on which the ball could be able to land.

American wheels contain 38 slots (1-36 plus one green zero space and one green double zero area), while European wheels include 37 slots (1-36 plus one green zero space).

This additional space can have significant effects on the American roulette game’s odds. All bets made on American roulette games carry a 5.26 percentage house edge, and all single-zero games have a 2.7 percent house edge.

The house edge in American roulette games is nearly double that of European or single-zero tables. The American game is twice as high as single-zero and European tables.

However, we haven’t shared the entire story. The truth is that European roulette games have the special rule of reducing the edge of the house when playing certain games.

Players get the amount they bet back when playing at Euro tables when the ball is in the zero-green space.

This means that with this rule in place, the odds for even-money bets are an edge on the house of 1.3 percent. That’s a great odds by any standard, surely?

Reasons Why Everyone Loves American roulette

It’s Accessible

The Palazzo and The Venetian are the sole two casinos to host the real American roulette rules, and the other five casinos each have a European rules table.

If you’re not betting within Las Vegas, rest assured that your Euro games aren’t as plentiful also. The handful of Atlantic City casinos still in operation aren’t keen to pay out money for games with low odds that take up floor space.

We are not aware of a single AC casino with single-zero table games outside the VIP rooms. There aren’t any single-zero tables at any casino located in Mississippi or Louisiana, which is run through one of the top operators such as Harrah.

In general, if you live in America, American roulette games are the most well-known and most cost-effective. It’s possible that you don’t be able to play single-zero games, particularly in the case of not being an avid gambler.

It’s Familiar

Since we’ve spent our entire existence within the United States, we’ve only had the privilege of playing one zero games. We can remember receiving an online casino play-set as a child (with games cards, a roulette wheel, ball bearing, a handful of poker chips, and an assortment of dice) And sure enough, the game’s wheel was made up to mimic the game of the traditional USA rules.

The guidelines in European roulette are indeed more favorable for players. A rule is known as the “en prison” rule (the one that pays the player half of your even-money bet on a zero outcome) is so well-liked that some casinos in America have adapted it to be used on double-zero wheels.

The game hasn’t been popular, possibly because it reduced the house’s edge down from 5.26 percent to 2.63 percent. We are also glad that the naive “five number” bet isn’t accessible on single-zero tables. We believe that the casino’s bad decision to rob innocent players of money and we’d prefer it wasn’t offered in American games.

However, it all comes back to familiarity for us. When we play, we expect to see a wheel with two zeroes in green. We don’t anticipate receiving the entirety of our bet back due to “imprisonment rules.” We were raised playing with a lot more money than you would risk on European tables, and that’s why it’s not something we are used to.

It’s Affordable

If single-zero roulette gives higher odds, why shouldn’t we stick to the seven casinos we play at when we go to Vegas? Since most single-zero roulette games are located in VIP rooms with a minimum bet of $100.

The most cost-effective single-zero games on offer are played at the Mirage and the MGM Grand, where you can play at the single zero tables for a minimum of $25.

Most American-style roulette games played in Las Vegas allow me to place bets of $5 or the equivalent of $10 for each spin. In essence, we don’t have the money to play single-zero roulette.

We are used to seeing one outcome every minute at an all-inclusive Las Vegas table – if we decided to go to VIP games, we’d be wagering on our mortgage at least four times every hour. That’s not something for us (or us spouse) can bear, and it’s even expensive at $600 an hour.

Atlantic City casinos hosted single-zero games for years before Las Vegas did – at the time that Atlantic City gambling houses were popular with the rich and famous. In America, the word “European” is an expression of class and sexiness as appears to be the situation for the European import.

While We are staunch intellectuals, able to overpower the trappings of his culture, we can’t resist the temptation to see the double-zero game as cozy and familiar.


How much do casinos want Americans to bet on single zero roulette wheels? It’s a commonplace casino online to limit betting on Euro roulette from being counted towards loyalty points. The tables are almost gone from US casinos.

If you find them there, they’re restricted by strict wagering requirements or by obtaining authorization to enter the VIP area, where the games are played. We prefer to play roulette using American roulette rules in all of these instances. We hope that following this post, some of you are in the same mindset and will give the game another chance.

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Name: Why Does Everyone Love American Roulette?

Posted On: 07/02/2022

Author: Cameron Riddell

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