The participation of women in the gambling industry: A quick glimpse

The participation of women in the gambling industry: A quick glimpse

The world is increasingly pressing on the recognition of gender equity in all walks of life, including women gambling. Regardless of our gender, every one of us deserves a level playing field that will eventually transform the world, witnessing an equitable balance of power and responsibility movement across genders. Gambling is rising to gender equality in terms of women gambling involvement.  

From time immemorial, gambling has been a male-dominated industry, now witnessing a greater involvement of women. However, things are changing as it is in business, sports, parenting, etc. This has been triggered by the changing patriarchal mindset of our society. 

Women’s participation in women’s gambling increases

Is this increase a natural progression in line with the move to an equitable gender? One of the predominant causes is gambling has been made available and popularized online. 

Most women do not find it appropriate to visit bricks and mortar casinos as the environment is not women-friendly. However, Women are getting increasingly comfortable with online casinos for gambling. Women can participate in online gambling because their privacy and confidentiality are not divulged.

Whenever we think of a casino environment, the picture in our mind resembles the images of poker dens filled with smoke, noisy men gathered around the tables, holding whisky glasses and cigars. The only instances of women gambling were the casino waitresses or the glamorous trophy wives.

Although the popularity of brick and mortar casinos saw an influx of women gambling on the casino floor, the number is not significant to come close to male participation. A paradigm shift in women’s gambling involvement was witnessed with the advent of online casinos and virtual gambling. 

Women no longer needed to feel awkward or insecure about the glaring eyes inflicted towards them by the male counterparts. Women are comfortable gambling clandestinely from the cosy corners of their home for women gambling. The advent of mobile technology is the popularization of mobile casinos further accentuated women’s gambling. This is because women can access online casino sites privately to engage in women gambling from anywhere and anytime.

Women centric and targeted marketing

Women constitute about 49% of the population in some populated countries and are a significant group for casino owners to tap for profitability. Women sure will increase the volume of casino turn-outs, money circulation, and a handful of players on each table. You can achieve this by leveraging the tools available in the open market. 

Online casino designs

Online casinos are coming of age, with better-betting site designs for women. They are moving away from the male-driven macho designs of the old style. Online casinos are embracing a more neutral style, promoting gender equity in a way. Some casinos are specifically incorporating specific colour schemes or layouts for targeting female players. The online casino owners are sticking to a more balanced and neutral look.

The casinos are promoting Online slots and the range of games, specifically keeping women gamblers in mind. Some designers of the games are even developing brand new games suitable for playing by women. The female-centric themes and ethos are increasingly accommodated while conceptualizing and favouring the launch of games that encourage women gambling. With women gambling in mind, the designers are constantly incorporating cute animals, feminine colour schemes, and themes to promote feminine essence in women’s gambling.

Female centric advertising themes

Brick and mortar casinos are deploying new techniques of advertising and marketing schemes to showcase the brighter side of gambling to attract both male and female players. The promoters of casinos are mindful about maintaining their focus on the games, the process of winning, preserving the fun element, and the social aspects of gambling.

Women presence on social media

Women’s presence on social media is increasingly catching up. They are almost on social media platforms, including, Twitter andFacebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Online casinos want to cash in on women’s presence on social media, luring them for a transition to their gambling sites leveraging instant freebies like free gaming cash. Women are enthusiastic about trying new things. 

They can be players who want to propagate their activities, women gambling experience, and wins on social media. This can give the casino instant publicity among other women on social media.

Success Stories of women gambling

In gambling, gender statistics reflect women prefer sticking to chance-based wagers rather than going for strategy games. While women gamblers prefer slots, playing online bingo and lotteries, Poker, however, is a traditionally male-dominated game often not involving too many takers engaged in women gambling?

However, there is an exception to the aforementioned unwritten rule in competitive gambling is Vanessa Selbst, a former winner of many accolades who has featured in the number one slot in the Global Poker Index. She has been as successful as men at Poker and has been a source of inspiration for many other women gamblers to achieve their dreams.

Women’s achievements are not limited to gambling. You can easily spot women achievers in business. Some have outweighed the achievement of their male counterparts in the same field or industry. One such exemplary personality in the gambling industry is Denise Coates. She started a small-time online betting site from a Portakabin, traced back to 2000. She turned the small site into a multi-billion dollar online casino site. She is present CEO of Bet365, one of the best-known sites in online gaming.

Final thoughts

The gambling industry is in a state of constant change, embracing new technological developments, ensuring an increase in women’s inclination and involvement towards gambling. Women are more significant in the online gambling business than ever before. They are moving ahead at a scorching pace to catch up to the men. It is a force to reckon with because of their pervasive influence in almost all walks of life, and gambling in particular.

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Name: The participation of women in the gambling industry: A quick glimpse

Posted On: 21/01/2021

Author: Cameron Riddell

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