The Golden Secret Strategy for Baccarat Explained


Baccarat players have used betting strategies since the time the game of Baccarat has been around. While some Baccarat betting systems are easy to understand and follow, others come with sophisticated rules and require players to make complex calculations.

One such Baccarat strategy that has recently gained traction among Baccarat players is the Golden Secret Baccarat strategy. In this article, we explain the basics and the working of this Baccarat system. Continue reading!

Baccarat strategy basics

As a Baccarat player, you need to understand the difference between basic Baccarat strategies and more advanced playing systems such as the Golden Secret.

When playing Mini Baccarat and other Baccarat variations online, you need to decide:

  • Whether to wager on the Banker or the Player.
  • Whether to wager playing chips on that specific gameplay round (as you might not want to place wagers in each Baccarat round).
  • Your stake size for the Baccarat gameplay round.

Several popular betting systems, such as Martingale, Fibonacci and D’Alembert, place a major emphasis on stake size. But these betting strategies, which are also used in other online casino games, don’t offer any advice on what betting options the player must go with.

And this is where the Golden Secret Baccarat strategy comes in. Based on the game’s previous outcomes, the Golden Secret betting system tries to work out what betting options you must go with.

Golden Secret betting strategy explained

This Baccarat betting system comes with bet selection rules. And these selection rules are based on the notion that the shoes are strong in opposite results.

As per the Golden Secret betting strategy, a baccarat shoe has two Golden Secret wager types. These bet types are known as Mode 1 and Mode 2 outcomes. In many Baccarat shoes, patterns created by results give you Mode 1 and Mode 2 wagering opportunities.

Both the Golden Secret bets wager against the preceding result when using the Golden Secret betting strategy. So, if the previous result of the game were a Player, the next wager would be on Banker. And vice versa. This holds even if you were to double down on the next attempt. In short, you’ll always wager on the opposite of the last outcome.

Golden Secret and streaks of bankers or players

Having three similar outcomes in a row is a streak in Baccarat games. So, to have a streak of Bankers or Players, your last three outcomes must either be Bankers or Players.

The Golden Secret bets (Mode 1 and 2) come up as wagering chances when at least three consecutive streaks of Bankers or Players end. The Golden Secret bets are good indicators that the streaks are ending. The following example explains that:

Golden Secret bet (Mode) 1:

B P B (According to this Baccarat strategy, the next bet must be the opposite of the last result. So you’d wager P).



Golden Secret bet (Mode) 2:

B P B (Again, your next bet must be the opposite of the previous result. So, you’d wager P)



A winning mode 2 would take the following form:




Mode 1 and Mode 2 tend to come up in many Baccarat shoes. Remember that there must be a consecutive streak of three for you to bet on the modes.

Golden Secret Baccarat strategy: A quick summary

The Golden Secret Baccarat strategy is an advanced wagering system for mobile casino online. Along with taking care of casino money management, it comes with bet selection rules.

The Golden Secret Baccarat strategy identifies the two main Golden Secret bets (Mode 1 and 2). And the inventor of the strategy says that those never change.

As such, the Golden Secret Baccarat strategy is an unsophisticated and practical betting system to use in online and live Baccarat games.According to the Golden Secret Baccarat strategy developer, the betting system has been created so that the risk/reward ratio stays balanced.

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Name: The Golden Secret Strategy for Baccarat Explained

Posted On: 13/02/2023

Author: Cameron Riddell

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