An In-depth Guide to Casino Poker Chips


Vaguely known as casino tokens, poker chips are the money makingmoney-making material inside every casino slot game. Without these, the players can’t go anywhere and they will be stuck to the preliminary game right from the beginning. InorderIn order to win from these poker chips, you need to know how to flip and cash them. So, I’m here to introduce you about these magical chips and the large canvas of a proper poker chips guide.  This can win you one of the biggest poker wins of this century

The History

Casino Tokens, or poker chips, are small disc-like things used as currency material in casino games. They won’t seem much from the outside, but these coins are the pivotal pins of all casino/poker games. They are just like your day-to-day green papers. In a way, they, too, are currency.

These chips come in materials like plastic moulds, metals, and even wood prints. Money is used to buy these chips at the casino table, and later, these coins are cashed out for your wins. Chips made out of different colours denote different values. That’s why each chip has its power. 

  • White – $1
  • Red – $5
  • Orange – $10
  • Yellow – $20
  • Green – $25
  • Black – $100
  • Purple – $500
  • Maroon – $1,000

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These are the default figures and their colours of poker chips. Once you get the hang of flipping these, the colours are more than enough to call your win.

Tournament Chips VS Regular Cash Chips

These two sets are made for two different sets of gaming. You may think that there’s no difference here. But there are some wide differences. The colour and value of tournament chips are way different than the regulars. When the players progress in the tournament, the colour of low-paying chips will be erased.

The Play of Poker Chips

In poker games and in the usual poker psychology, players begin with the standard numbered chips at the beginning. With these, the players can eventually grow their source of poker chips in the coming games. It all depends upon how big the game is to know the real value of the chips. It’s not like any regular old cash games. In Home Games with your friends and families, it’s all different and vibrant. Home games will be usually cash centric games and here a simple 1-2$ no limit format will be enough. This will be for six to eight players. But if the players want to enlarge their game, a larger denomination of chips will be needed. For a main poker event, that is a tournament, there requires a proper set of colors and values. This is followed from the last poker millennium. 

These accent colours denote the value of the chips: 

  • 25 – green with forest green/yellow
  • 100 – black with day blue/dark blue
  • 500 – desert flower with maroon/pink
  • 1000 – canary yellow with plum/sherbet orange
  • 5000 – blaze orange with dark brown/tan
  • 25,000 – forest green with blue/yellow
  • 50,000 – hot pink with lime green/dark green (rarely used anymore)
  • 100,000 – Hawaii flower with charcoal/metallic silver
  • 250,000 – almond with bronze/butterscotch
  • 500,000 – red with day blue/white

Credits: Emagazine

The colours Denote Everything! Why and How?

Poker Chip colours are all the same in the US. In Las Vegas and other American Casinos, they use multi-coloured chips. These are similar all around in and around the state.

In Europe, they have started using plaques for larger denominations. Anyway, these are better known as poker chips, and they can make a ton of super fulfilling rewards and extra wishes. You have to get introduced to them and cash them for your moves. Depending on the colour they have dipped in, you will get a proper win every time you produce. 

Closing Remarks

Online Casinos are on the verge of turning into AI-based robots. But, no matter how powerful and sophisticated these get, casino chips and online casino slots will always be rustic and fun to spin. For this to happen, you must know the basic plan and route of casinos and slot games.

 If you can spend some time on it, it will make your gaming life easy. The same applies to casino poker games too. It would help if you had some time to know the colours and the values that they possess. If you get the hang of it, the rest of the win will be all yours. Are you ready to spend your next best time in these areas and learn something pokerish? 

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Name: An In-depth Guide to Casino Poker Chips

Posted On: 09/03/2023

Author: Cameron Riddell

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