The System Behind Bingo Slot Machines


If you have been following online casinos, you must have probably come across a slot game known as the bingo slot machine. This game was highly popular in America for a long time, and after it was introduced online, many casino players have been engaging in bingo online gameplay. 

Let’s look into the details of bingo and slot similarities, and how it is different from other standard slot games. 

What Are Bingo Slot Machines?

The bingo slot machine is a type of slot machine, which corresponds with major house bingo games. When the reels are spinning, you play a quick round of bingo game against a player or a group of players. 

Generally, these bingo slot machines can be easily noticed as it comes with 5-by-5 bingo cards and display a range of numbers on the screen. The rest of the illustrations on a bingo slot game resembles any other traditional slot game. 

Bingo slot machines are commonly regarded as Class II slot games because of their feature of the player against player and the predetermined victories every round. However, the bingo slot machines in land-based casinos are considered Class III slot machines.

What Are Class I, II, and III Bingo Slot Machines?

The Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA) launched three categories of gambling on legal grounds. Class I falls under simple and traditional games, which usually come with minimal rewards and are not under the regulation of IGRA. Class I games does not fall under casino games. 

Class II refers to those games where we require luck of the draw. Games that fall under this category do not require IGRA regulation to play. However, the state governments are liable to run the games under the direction of NIGC. Games like instant bingo, bingo, punch board, pull tabs, tip jars, and other games equivalent to bingo fall under Class II. 

Meanwhile, Class III refers to all the other games that do not fall under the two categories above. Generally, Class III games involve casino games like blackjack, roulette, craps, and slot machines. 

Difference Between Class II and Class III Bingo Slot Machines

Now that we briefly specified what are Class I, II, and III classes of games, you must be wondering and confused between Class II and Class III games. It is not surprising that there are similarities between the two classes of games, whether you are a bingo player or not. So, we will try to provide a more elaborate explanation between the two.

The Class II and Class III game classification was initially born by the IGRA (Indian Gaming Regulatory Act) in 1988, influenced by the Native American gaming state regulations. To understand each class better, here are the explanations as per federal law. 

Class II gaming laws manage Bingo games, which require player vs player to play a game and win a small prize. In other words, games that require a player to go against another player, such as bingo and card games fall under Class II. This class is regulated at a casino level. 

Unlike the Class III Vegas style, in Class II, the bingo numbers and calls do not determined by an RNG or when a player presses the play button. Here, the bingo cards of all the players or bingo slot machines are combined for a game round, after which, the balls are selected and the results exhibit. 

On the other hand, Class III are the gaming regulations that control most casino games, such as blackjack, roulette, craps, and video poker. This class is like the Vegas style, where the players go against the house/dealer. Or in other words, Class III are the games that use RNG to determine the final results of the game round. They are regulated at the state level. 

Class III Bingo slot machines are typically located in Vegas, and the final results of the game round are determined by random-number generators, which are constantly operating to generate unique numbers. When the play button is pressed by the player, the active RNG number gets locked in instantly, which becomes the outcome once the spinning reel stops. 

Structures Of Bingo Slot Machines

There are different types of designs when it comes to bingo slot machines in a live casino. The most common type is the reel, which displays two sections on the screen and players spin the reel to get the game going. In general, there are primarily three major aspects to look out for when you play these bingo slot machines. 

  • Reels

Since the outcomes are predetermined by RNG, the reels on bingo slot machines are simply for the sake of displaying and it does not really impact the gameplay. In most modern bingo slot games, the reels are designed using lots of animations, and these are spun to depict the winning amount.

  • Drawn Numbers

A portion of the bingo slot screen displays a set of drawn numbers for certain game rounds. These balls are drawn quickly electronically, and if the selected number matches the player’s card, bingo combinations are created. 

  • Patterns

There are some selected bingo slot machines, which display bingo patterns on the game screen. These patterns are similar to winning patterns and create geometric shapes, straight lines, pyramids, hopscotch, and many others. Here, when the player hits the spin button, the numbers on their bingo card will light up at the same time as drawing the pattern. When all the numbers turn out to be covered on the pattern, they win the fixed payout. 

Name: The System Behind Bingo Slot Machines

Posted On: 07/07/2023

Author: Cameron Riddell

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