What Are Slot Scatter Symbols, and How Do They Work?


The popularity of online slot machines is on the rise. Knowing the slots RTP, paytable, and more is important to make the most of the game. Regarding winning at the slot machines, most people think they must land on identical symbols on the payline. However, the biggest slot machine wins come from the different bonus features. It is the scatter symbols that trigger most of the bonus features.

What are scatter symbols?

The scatter symbols in online and mobile slot games allow you to win big. But what exactly are the scatter symbols? It is often referred to as the best friend of a slot player. It is one of the highest-paying slot machine symbols. They are represented by unique graphics depending on the specific theme of the slot game. 

The scatter symbols are special symbols with specific functions in slot games. In most slots, they act as the key to triggering the bonus features. However, in various other slots, they act as multipliers. In some other slot titles, the main function of the scatter symbols is to act as Wild symbols. When they act as Wild, they can substitute the other symbols on the playing grid, enabling you to form more winning combinations. 

Why have they termed Scatters?

You must be wondering why the symbols are called scatter symbols. Well, it is because these symbols can be scattered everywhere around the reels. They do not follow any specific pattern. To activate a bonus feature, the scatter symbols need not be lined up in any particular order on the payline. 

Occasionally, landing on 3 or more scatter symbols anywhere on the reels can trigger the bonus features. The different bonus features triggered by the scatters may include Free Spin rounds, a pick-me game, jackpot rounds, or other exciting features.

How do scatter symbols work?

Now that you know the basics of the scatter symbols, you must know how they work. In general, a specific number of scatter symbols need to appear in a single spin to trigger or unlock a bonus feature. 

The number of scatter symbols you require to unlock the features will differ based on the slot title you are playing. The details are usually outlined on the slots paytable. The promised feature will get triggered when you land on the required number of scatter symbols. 

Playing Scatter Slots

There isn’t any specific strategy to play the scatter slots. Once you land on the required number of scatters, the bonus feature is automatically launched. However, it is important to check the game information and the paytable before you play any slot game. It will give you a clear idea of the scatter symbols you must look for. 

Moreover, it would help if you also noted the slot game’s volatility and RTP. As the bonus features can provide you with high payouts, the RTP may be lower, and the game’s volatility may be slightly higher. 

Do all slot games have to scatter symbols?

It is a common question among players whether all the available slot games have scatter symbols. Well, the answer is no. All the slot games do not have to scatter symbols. Most 5-reel slot machines have scatter symbols as a standard feature. 

However, all the 3-reel slot games may not have this symbol. It is commonly found in the 7-reel slot machines, games having progressive jackpots, and slots offering bonus games. 

How do you know whether a particular slot game has to scatter symbols? In most games, you can easily access the paytable on the gaming screen. When you click on the paytable, you will find a box. 

It opens up and provides information about the different signs, including bonus elements, Wilds, and scatter symbols. It can give you a comprehensive idea of the scatter symbols you require to trigger the bonus feature. It will also enable you to understand better the slot game’s potential, the payouts, the formation of winning combinations, and much more. 


By now, you must have clarity about the scatter symbols and how they work in slot titles. These symbols make slot games more exciting and interesting for enthusiastic players. They can help unlock the bonus features or enable you to form more winning combinations by substituting other symbols. Want to try your luck at a classic slot machine? Read the information on the paytable to enjoy the game to the core.

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Name: What Are Slot Scatter Symbols, and How Do They Work?

Posted On: 07/04/2023

Author: Cameron Riddell

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