Blackjack Etiquette: Things You Should and Shouldn’t Do


Blackjack is an exciting casino classic that is played by almost every type of casino player. While blackjack veterans may use advanced playing skills and strategies to try to get an edge in blackjack, the simplicity of the game makes it accessible to beginners as well.

Besides blackjack gameplay rules and betting options, casino players are expected to know some other things about the game. And one of them is blackjack etiquette. Keep reading to learn the various etiquettes you must follow when playing blackjack.

Handling your cards

While you don’t need to worry about handling your cards in online blackjack, the way you deal with your cards when playing at a land-based casino is crucial. As a player, it may seem natural to just grab your cards and think about your next playing decision while holding them in your hands. But this isn’t what casinos expect you to do.

Below are the points to remember when handling your cards in Blackjack games:

  • If the dealer gives you face-up cards, you must avoid picking them up directly. Also, you must refrain from holding them in your hands.
  • Upon receiving face-down cards, pick and hold them with just one hand.
  • As a player, you should handle the cards in a way that makes them visible to both the dealer and the security cameras.

These card-handling rules, particularly the last one, were implemented to restrict rogue players from tampering with the cards. Also, it helps casinos in spotting players who are trying to do Blackjack card counting in an attempt to get an edge in the game.

Handling your chips

The same rules apply to handling your chips in Blackjack as they do to handling the cards. We’ve listed them below:

  • Always place your chips in the designated betting area. Remember that you need to place your chips before the dealing starts and by taking into account the minimum and maximum betting limits at the table.
  • After the cards have been dealt, you cannot touch your chips. Surrender, insurance, and double-down blackjack are the only exceptions to this rule.
  • You can only handle your chips once the Blackjack hand gets completed. Based on the outcome of the hand, your chips can either get doubled or will be collected by the dealer.

Interacting with the dealer

In Blackjack games, the dealer oversees the smooth and seamless functioning of the gameplay action. As such, how players interact with the dealer becomes a crucial aspect of Blackjack etiquette. Here are the things to remember when interacting with the dealer at the Blackjack table:

  • Use hand signals to show which betting option you wish to go for.
  • When you decide to hit, use one of your hands to indicate a “come here” gesture.
  • If you want to stand, use your hand to wave over the cards.
  • In all popular blackjack variations, the signal for splitting and doubling down is to place the required number of chips next to your original wager.
  • If you are unsure about your betting options, politely ask the dealer to clarify them for you.
  • To tip the dealer, gently place a chip on the table and let the dealer know that it’s for them.

Interacting with other players

As with other casino-goers, all blackjack players have different styles and betting preferences. Some blackjack players are there for the game’s social element, while others want serious gameplay. Whatever their playing style is, you must respect every kind of blackjack player.

  • Most blackjack players are there for the social element of the game. It is not uncommon for players to ask each other for advice or discuss blackjack strategies. Make sure you are polite and friendly when interacting with a blackjack player.
  • There may not be much interaction among the other blackjack players at the table. You must always respect their preferences if such is the case. Furthermore, do not make comments that offend others.

Summing Up

So, these were some basic etiquettes you must always follow when playing the game of Blackjack. Note that the etiquette for things such as tipping may vary based on the geographical location of your chosen casino venue. So, make sure to confirm them with your dealer. And if you are completely inexperienced with the game of Blackjack, you can use the Blackjack calculator to calculate odds and devise an optimal playing strategy.

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Name: Blackjack Etiquette: Things You Should and Shouldn’t Do

Posted On: 08/11/2022

Author: Cameron Riddell

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